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I have always wanted to go wine tasting (in a winery) and been putting it up off.  Finally did it last fall and it was amazing. . It is a great relaxed activity..Most if not all wineries have Food & Wine events and tours. Food. wine tasting & winery tour should make a good date (other than the classic dinner..way the people go di form,weddings celebrations or part of a corporate retreat…This is definitely a fav one for a romantic  Valentine’s getaway!

If you live in Texas, you need to check out the wine country. In the east of Texas, about 40 miles from Austin is the #2 Wine destination in America…The Texas Wine Trail

My first experience wine tasting experience was at Flat Creek Estate. It was Sunday brunch before drinking the alcohol..Their bistro is goooooddd before heading the wine tasting (all the alcohol needs some

 You get this whole lecture about how to taste wine, select wines of your choice then proceed to the wine tasting sessions which includes a type and history of the wine, how it is made, the process and what foods compliment it best. It was an interesting learning experience..Now I understand the “drama” with the whole swirling of glasses and smell. I am still to see someone who says NO after that (lol)..But apparently people do.

Wine tasting list

Wine tasting lesson…What am I looking at? lol

Wine tasting and being a wine connoisseur is an art. Certain wines go better with certain foods..Wine, Red, Rose, Aging, Sweetness, Acidity, Fruits…etc Check out wine characteristics here and Wine Terminology here

Wine Tasting 101: The 5 Ss of Wine Tasting


Learn more about the Five S’s Here

I love taking pictures…Enjoy!!

Spotted recently at Specs: Wine Gift Bags

Spotted recently at Specs: Wine Gift Bags

There is love in the Air. Keep Calm & pour some wine and listen some good Camer Music..Or better still go to a you go wine tasting for a romantic getaway?  If you have, Where, When and what type of wines did you taste (na which kind loaded question this sef?)

Happy Valentine’s Day…..


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  1. hahaha LIA I beg I no fit help you on that one..Check your local African grocery store.. You might be

  2. Lovely article! You just reminded me that I never even put up pics of my wine tasting classes and trip I did last summer!! OK I feel better knowing that I can post something I did like 6 moths ago hahahha. All those places I've been to but have no pics posted but I hope you had fun! I love wine tasting and will be doing it again this summer maybe on a boat cruise while pairing wine and cheese or chocolate ����

  3. Every time I am in Cape Town someone suggests a wine tasting. I am yet to bother withe the experience. Actually got several invites for this weekend. Didn't bother to RSVP or even politely decline. Giving the snobs a taste of their own medicine.

  4. Thanks..You should totally do the features from way back when! OK ma'am..just send me pics from the boat Wine tasting is fun!

  5. I really enjoyed this place and you can definitely find me here for more events. I didn't eat anything when on my recent visit to event rooms for rent, but those around me had truffle fries, pizza, and wings all seemed to enjoy.

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