Hello people..It’s the March Edition of Music Thursday. 2015 is going to be the year of Camer Music..Yes I said it….More artists, more awards, better lyrical and visual content..Everyone just seems to be stepping up their game. Man way e lep e lep oh..Let’s support our artist by sharing, buying and playing the music at events..

Starting this musical edition with one of our fav musical pioneers..Enjoy!!

Petit Pays – Ancienne D’Englise..
I love this. Le Turbo himself!!

Askia – No Worry Me
Produced by one of my fav producer DJKarl Askia  released her video under a new label, Mutumbu records. “And if you want for mash me. I’m sorry ma own na njangi”…The retro dessert storm video is directed by Njimape Terence. “The sun rise on me. It sets on my shoulder so you cannot hate me now”

Teddy Doherty Ft Inna Money – Bomaye
I love this track and video from 45 South to 228 S.(If you live in in Htown you will get it..LOL). Inna Money is one of my fav Camer rappers…Joining collabo with Teddy is just the right fit. “Tonight’s gonna be a good night I got a feeling” “Le carburat sont Bomaye”.”Jack Daniels Bomaye”. It’s Lifestyle Music…

Z-Lex – Money Chase
“I no be like school. Oh boy na school be like me”..”Money Money who side you day. I don find you”…OK lyricallyyyy

No SleepGang ft YungTime – Man No Die

If man no die  boh I swear e no go rest?”Dey for day di lie ya sef. ” LOL These rappers go kill man with lyrics…

MickPits N Stan  – Love
“Only Only You be my love ehh”.”For you I go di profess my love ehh” ..Love go kill me this MT oh..;)

Giz Rowz – 3 Kings
“My destiny is unveiling”…OK Giz Rowz

Gasha ft Eddy Kenzo – Chill
This is what happens when Camer meets Uganda. Chill..Enough said!!

Blueprint Hakeem & Young Fame – Ngomgham Bwaii

Where are all the Ngomghamites?? Hakeem is repin’ is quartier to the max. I love the retro feel of the video!!

Stanley Enow ft Gasha – Black I am

“I’m caught in the rain, caught in the Sun” “It’s how I feel…” “Go ask me ya papa I no like me drama”…Ah yehhhh…”Cause I like it fresh and you are black eh ohh”…This will be a great track for a Guinness Ad!

Mister Winney – Sorry

This is one of my best latest discovery. Mister Winney’s Sorry is killing me softly! Bad ways Ndolo track…”When I say sorry I really mean it..” 
Featurist – Babaah
I can’t believe I am just featuring this track..Chaii..Na ma track “Bring down your waist oh..put one hand before…One hand for waist oh..Babaahhh..”

Duc Z – Me Marier
This was the best PR stunt ever. Many people  including me  believed Duc Z got married!!


John K – How We Do IT
Discovered through an #MCM feature on The HotJem, Germany based John K is definitely a great addition to my music junkie world. “That’s How We Do It”

Azingeh – Dance Any How
Another Dante Fox video…OK I am feeling the fusion beats and contri tok…”Dance Any How that you want. You can take it slow…”

Snazzy – Mr Gov’t Why
Snazzy is Cameroonian rising dancehall artist with a word for the nation and crying out for a positive change for benefit of neglected people and same time appreciating them for the perseverance

OK Govt Why for real. A good use of “activism music” . “Tell me me why this system never change. The reason why our lives day the same”…Why?? 

Kangai – Baby No Go Cry
This is one of my artist discoveries this week..”Baby no go cry oh. You di make me crazy eh ehh…”… classic love story!!

On the Replay

MihNey – Depuis Quand
The Fast Money records signee Mihney debut track has been on replay. The lyrics sef na die.  “Some soft pikin for strong country….”E buy me one want fish and then e want bob…” “Depuis quand tu m’appelle Bebe” …Looking forward to hearing more from Mihney. 

Boy Cheez – Don Man
Ktown rap guard men..Don Cheez is the Don Man and he has the lyrics to prove it. ..”…It’s amazing how I came up in a short time…….So I di move like mafia from Sicily..Movement….Me di rack na Designer but these other guy di rack na made in China…Fake….Me di drink na Jack Daniels dem di drink na fanta…” I can go on and on..LOL

Jungle B – Take my Hand.
This is has been my ultimate ways Ndolo track for the past week!! “Take my hand”. Looking forward to the remix with Slim!!

Collabo Thingz

Just listen to the tracks..No intro.. Paysans get talent!!

Home is Home – Bamenda All Stars 

Beg Beg 

  Wax Dey ft Dontom – Number One Girl Remix
Official Track of the Number One Girl reality show which is started its 2nd Season. Who no want me Number One Girl? Abaiiii

Camer Soul Divas

My 237 Ladies are on a roll oh. I am feeling these tracks!!

Myra Maimoh – A No Go Tire
“A no go tire…Not today oh”.I love this track ’cause it is real. Looking forward to more from Myra..New Album?? Hmmmm

E.Clyde Entertainment is thrilled to announce the release of the latest single – A No Go Tire – from Cameroonian R&B/Afro-Soul singer/songwriter, Myra Maimoh, available everywhere.

‘A No Go Tire’ headlines her long anticipated sophomore album Uniq. It follows on the heels of her critically acclaimed debut album, “Answer’d Me”. Uniq packs inspirational, and upbeat songs all complimented by her easy and sultry voice. ‘A No Go Tire’ is the first rendering from this vibrant and surprisingly packed album; an Afro-Soul song that titillates the senses and reveals a confident artist whose variety of music influences shows up in every song and verse. It captures a unique mix that truly defines the artist, Myra Maimoh, at the peak of her powers.

Veeby ft Don Tox – Sango 
Veeby’s music is a breath of fresh air…”To all my people. Wake Up. All around the world….Stop all the fighting. Stop all the Murdering….” 
Lorine Chia
I am falling more and more for her music..Enjoy these 2 tracks – That Girl & Fighters!!


Ambe – DBou
OK Ambe totally created his own french word. This one na Abakwa Franglais? LOL. “Tu Le Monde #DBou. Si Tu aime ma music #DBou”

After enjoying so much success in Cameroon and across Africa with his previous singles “Rendez-Vous” and “Les Filles De Mon Pays” Red Eye Entertainment CMR frontman AMBE drops the video for  his third single “DBOU” proudly shot in Douala/Cameroon and directed by the industry’s undisputed  Dante Fox of Chemistry Pictures. After listening to this song and watching this video, with no doubt i  can boldly say AMBE is one of Cameroon’s biggest Afropop Export at the moment and believe me  there is much more coming…

Kumani – Walk With Me
Walk with Kumani on this feel good track and video. Htown Repin’

Tyz Panchak ft Ewube – No Woman No Cry
I can’t get enough of this collabo. #BestMusic’s Ewube adds vibe to Tyz’s Reggae’s No Woman No Cry. “Bebe you light my life like Farade…..I’m loving you from Monday to Sunday. Everydayyyy”…and yes “True Love is hard to find”

Blaise Bsings – Eposi 
Why nuh Eposi? How you fit do this guy so? “Eposi ya love di do me something….E tickle tickle me”…LOL..

Stanley Enow ft DJ Neptune – #KingKong

OK Star boy is stepping up his game by the day.. The #KingKong video is CLEAN for lack of a better word…and did someone say DJ Neptune? That’s one of my fav naija DJs so its a plus on this one….Someone described me as “Facebook Tag Juju” so I go just claim #QueenMotherKong as per my name..haha. “What goes up must come down”..

Jovi ft Rachel – Big Vulture

Beh Beh Beh Bigggerrrrrr….I love the video of this track..The retro feel of it. “Bigger than what people say. You are bigger than what people say. You are bigger than what people call you. You are than what people say ehhhh”

Mix Tape & EP Thingz

#237Evolution by Houston’s own DJDize
Thumbs up just inspired lots of mixtapes. DJs this is your challenge. Don Perika don lead the way. 

Jovi – Kankwe Vol 2

Coming Soon

Habib Du Bled  & Fluri Boyz 

Mel -B in Concert this Sunday in Buea

 I can’t believe it’s almost the end of March…TGIT..Enjoy the Music!!


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  1. OMG! Cameroon got so much talent. #237 rising.Thanks for the intro to many of these.

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