Hello people..This post is a spotlight on one of my fav cities in Cameroon and the capital of the SouthWest Region, Buea.

I initially thought of calling this post. “The Camps and Beef of Buea” Why “Camps & Beefs”? Buea is a creative and innovation hub. Like any place with lots of talent and creative people there should be “camps”, “crews” and with that comes a lot of “beef” aka competition.. “Beef” in this context is good “beef” i.e. positive competition and collaboration which makes everyone strive to get better….

Photo by Kelly B

Buea is not the same place I left over 16 years..Every time I visit I notice something new..

So why do I love Buea? And why I chose to launch my business venture in Buea in a week..

The People…
This has to be the reason why Buea is the home to many things. Buea has a dynamic and friendly people. Everyone I know who grew up in Buea loves their city to bits!!

It is a Creative Hub
If anyone can name any other cities with soo many creative people in one place..Please be my guest. From Designers to record labels, movie producers, beat makerz, photographers, make up artists..You name it..Buea’s got it. In short Buea’s got talent..Period!! The challenges I see  and the reasons why some of these ventures are not bigger than they are right now is the lack of financing and basic  business expertise.

It is a bedrock of Education
Think Buea and you think about “The place to be” University of Buea..check. Catholic University, Cameroon G.C.E Board, check.It is home to the famous Lycee Molyko, my alma mata Baptist High School, the only and only St. Joseph’s College, Sasse. ..and the long list schools goes on.


It is Home to  the “Race Of Hope”

The Mount Cameroon Race of Hope (in French, “La Course de l’Espoir”) is an annual, televised footrace held at Mount Cameroon in the Southwest Province of Cameroon in January or February.[1] The 20th edition of the Guinness mount Cameroon race of hope has been scheduled for February 14, 2015. (Source: Wikipedia)

Mount Cameroon aka Mount Fako is the highest point in West and Central Africa. The active volcano rises to 4040 m (13255 ft) above the coast of West Cameroon.

It is the Home of the “Reunification Monument”
If you go to Buea, you need to check out the Reunification Monument

Me any My Sis…Feeling the United Cameroon..LOL

It is an Innovation Hub
Buea is buzzing with tech start ups. Active spaces , a tech community hub has its work cut out in Buea.

ActivSpaces is an open collaboration space for the technology and entrepreneurial community in Cameroon. ActivSpaces is a community tech hub with a focus on web and mobile programmers, designers, researchers, and entrepreneurs

The Lifestyle
What’s not to love about Buea: Weather, Ambiance, proximity to Douala airport and seaport, start ups, designers, producers, artists and many people call Buea home!! And the traffic isn’t a challenge like in bigger cities…

I love buea because of the climate. Its conducive for my field of work and it fosters my ability to think big and act local. With a great source of young talent from the university of buea and surrounding schools, its easy to get interns and mentor and get then to build awesome technology. Its an hour a way from Douala hence close to the seaport and airport plus limbe is a stone throw so you can go by the sea and cool down. I Love BUEA – Churchill Nanje Mambe

All the above listed by Churchill Nanje Mambe plus sugarcane and nyamagoro aplenty. – Arrey Echi

Buea is home, and that for me is reason enough. Great weather, serene, calm, quiet and oh so beautiful (at least the parts that have not been overtaken with too much urbanization).- Jackie Jua

What’s not to love….great weather, beautiful scenery &mountain, laid back and happy people…home always:) – Juliette Menga Aliaga

Mile 17 Round About – Mile 17.


The Soppo Priso Residence (Gardens) – GRA


Old Presidency – GRA (Built by Ahidjo)


Mountain Hotel (with view on Parliamentarian Flats) – GRA


Buea Town Market – Buea Town (Former Council)


Grand Stand – Bongo Square


IYA Grounds Rear Garden – Great Soppo

That’s why I love Buea and will be launching The Business Corner at Chariot Hotel in a week.


Designed by Shashan Mbinglo aka Shashan Singz


Pictures Courtesy of Miranda Oben, Yaje Ngala, Kelly Blaise & Alex Bede..


“I Love A Camer City” Tee  Powered by Njorku. Jacket by Liiber London

What city do you love and why? What should be the next city on “Camer Spaces & Places”?


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