Hello people…It’s the last day of April…and I had to end it with a Music Thursday post…237 Music is on a roll this year…New Artists, New Tracks, New Videos, Collabo..You name it..Slowly but surely our music industry is carving the different tunes and its identity.

One thing..”237Lyrics na die”..Enough said..Enjoy…

Wally Kana – O Parloo
“When the men dem look dem don kolo….When dem men dem look dem don mabu”..OK Camer Artists go kill man with

Heich Di ft Yung Meagan – Hello Foes (Remix)
I didn’t listen to the original version..Yung Meagan is definitely a good choice for the collabo!!

Tay O – Ngambe
This one for Tay’o “sexy ladies… “Baby what’s your name. Baby where you from. Baby trust”…He’s define “seen many faces..seen many places”…”Je te ndolo comme si c’est le Ngambe”…OK people..It’s a Ngambe kinda love…

Spido – Tu As Kel Tete
Produced by one of my favs Slimbeatz…Tu As Kel Tete has a catchy tune and lyrics…Can you spot CIANA in the video?? Wuna just tell we one time oh…;) “Ne melange pas le bolo et le ndolo.Mbom.. Tu n’aura jamais les ndoh”…

 Salatiel  ft Mr. Leo – Fap Kolo Remix
The MTN Make The Music winner joins forces with my fav “E go Better” artist Mr. Leo in the Fap Kolo remix. “Money di sweet when you work am sweat”…”Anything you ask am na Fap Kolo”…

Ville ft Arre – Jakiri
If you have been to Jakiri you will understand why this track is named after it…The topography of Jakiri apparently are similar to the “Baby girl” which Ville’s goes on about..LOL..Produced by one my fav beat makerz DJay Karl..

Tran Mike – Benita
Okay Benita….Mike ashia oh…She sure gave you a hard time…”Pourquoi tu me fait comme ca…”…Elle a vu sont “Mbutuku”?? haha

Poison Oak – CHOP
Someone had to sing a track about “Chop”….LOL. 

Ayze-B – A Di Go Me Coh
It’s your boy Ayze-B…”House di pass your boy for pay”….Okay…”Marrate for night divorce for morning”…The lyrics na

 Richy Drexter – Perika Sois Poze
“Perika Sois Poze” Dans le quarter on est quoi?? Camers…

Etien Ft Sara Anne – Makossa
“She says she wants to dance Makossa”…

Kimbo ft Stella Labelle – Zengele
OK Kimbo…”We di hustle and buzzle like jigga”…lol

Foster Planner ft C Prime – Tabala Pongoh (Lyrics Video)

Sing along...

Habib Du Blend & Fluri Boyz – Mugu Faroteur
I love Fluri Boyz….This is one track with a catchy tune…”Je suis Mugu Faroteur”

Et P8 Koi On The Refix ohhh Remix
Et P8 Koi is officially the most remixed Camer track this year…Check out some of them here

Here are 2 of my favs..

237 Divas
I love the rising number of ladies in Camer Entertainment..

 Nanova –  Broken
“Na witch or na charm you use”…OK “I don di loss sense..”…

Zinnia – Hear A Voice..
I love this track..Congratulations to Zinnia who recently got signed to Nigeria based record label MCG Entertainment as their first female artist…
Lorine Chia – Feeling I’ve Been Wrong
Love Lorine’s music any day!!

Cimilar – Nayo
“OK Baby go Nayo…Operation no regret…”…Looking forward to more from the Duo

Z-tra ft SlimBeatz – Boom Boom Bay
I love this track…Slimbeatz did it for me….

Ewube – Party All Nyte
It’s Ewube…and it’s “going down na na na..Love the video..

Highlights of Today’s MT

X-Maleya – Georgette
OK So X Maleya just released a track about Samuel Eto’o love for Georgette?? Chaiii…Na wah oh..This is kind of tacky but I love the track..

JuWon Simmons – Feel Good
This is my new feel good track…This track is on the replay!

Locko – Margo
The video made me love the track even more..I love everything about this Video…casting, styling, sets, decor…check check check…

Tyz Panchak – Mado (Woju Cover)
Just in…Tyz Panchak’s Woju Cover…Mado…Great Vocals..I can’t get over it..It is already on the replay! “A go take you around the in ma Bugati..I go buy you fine fine thing for Ndoki”…”You are taking over me Coup D’etat. I am taking over you..Chef D’etat”….

Kei – Cry
The lyrics video for my fav track Cry is finally here…You should already know how I feel about this track…Check out the Monday Sensation post here…It’s on the replay!!

Coming Soon

The Mutumbu Cypher
Looking forward to this..It’s a good choice of artist in the collabo..

#GUNSHOT By Daphne

Gunshot video premiere
The next big thing. Let the countdown begin!#soExcited #Gunshot #Team237
Posted by Daphne E.N. on Monday, April 27, 2015

It’s the last day of April..Hello May!! Happy Labour Day in advance to my Camer readers!!


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