Hello people..It’s the May edition of Music Thursday…

237Music is on a roll…New tracks, New videos, New Artists, EPs, Album, Collabos..and the list goes on…


Petit Pays – If faut pardonner 
This is not the typical  of Turbo’s beats but I love it…Directed by the talented Mr. Adrenaline 

Mutumbu Cypher ft Mic Monsta, Minks, Boy Cheez, Askia. Hosted by Le Drae

A rap Cypher is a Freestyle rap in sequence…ie one after another…Check out the Cypher featuring 4 Rappers…

Peter Jericho – Take am Slow
“I di beg mama…Take am slow”….Have Mercy on the guy..;) 

Ne Grie ft Magasco Today na Today 
Empire presents their latest signees (They sound like X Maleya right??)…in Today na Na Today featuring label mate Magasco…”Elle ne veut pas partir de chez moi ehhh”…


Mister Elad – Chakara 
Finally the video of one my fav Ndolo tracks is out…”Since I met you every thing don di change..I’m not afraid to take you down the aisle”…Enjoy!

Vreez Ville ft Arre – Jakiri

This is one of those tracks that will get you off your seat and dance…Ahhh Jakiri Jakiri Jakiri… 


Spido – Whatsapp

“Tu fait quoi sur Whatsapp….Alors que je suis la”….hahaha. Our life on apps and social media..Nice one!

Maknum ft Edel Koulla – Messe Ma Dodi
I love this Makossa with a hint of techno track..

Wally Kana – O Parloo

O Parloooo….Camers go kill person with lyrics..LOL.

Akumaah – C’est Fou La Vie
C’est Fou La vie….

Tyz Panchak – Nchinda

The Best Music artist dropped the video for Nchinda..”Nchinda…girl I be your turning ma brain girl”.

Vumomse – Do Me Again

Vumomse has done it again…”…You turn my life around around around.


Emilie Mvogo – Cri D’amour

Ya’a ft Majoie Ayi – Din Din Din
OK…This is Hip hop Bikutsi fusion…

Lady Ponce – O Bale Ma
O Bale Ma is off Lady Ponce’s recently released album “Bain De Son”…

Adango Salicia – Sisi
Love this track by the Cameroonian-Gabonese soul artist..  “Sisi ehhh…weti you di do so”..

Gasha – Feeling Love

This is such a feel good track. It will make a great sound track..


Jovi – Mboko God
This album is off da hook. The 12 track album features other New Bell Artists: Tilla, Reniss, Shey & Pass and Life Style Music artist Irna Money & Teddy Doherty.  My fav tracks are all the tracks featuring Shey (Can’t wait to hear more from him..he is the ishhh).You can buy the album online here and on out where to buy hard copies in Cameroon here.

The cover art is Adinkra cloth from Ghana, (originating from the Akan of Ghana and Côte D’Ivoire), with the center symbol being “gye nyame” in the Asante Twi language, meaning “except God” or “supremacy of God.”. Read more about the album here.

Tilla – Kankwe Chap EP

Tilla’s got skillzzzz….Enough said!


Daphne – Gunshot
My fav Rastafari Stevens chic Daphne released the video of new track..#Gunshot..The concept, choreography…check check…#NoGunshots..#237ArtistsUnite

Dencia – African Energy

Dencia has been on a roll lately..From red carpet to magazine cover and now new track. African Energy  released 3 days ago has over 30,000 views….I love the positive message and vibe of the track but however many have expressed on the comments that it is a copy/remake of Rihanna’s American Oxygen


Michael Kiessou ft Yvich & Dynastie Le Tigre –  #KDT Kommen Danse Tu

I just love this track…This is  the”funkifying” of Bendskin at its best..If you ask me It’s a blend of Makossa  Bendskin beats!! “Everywhere we go people wanna know…”… “Come on and shake it..Eh Mah Le..Kommen Danse Tu”…


TGIT..It’s almost the weekend..Enjoy the music.


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  1. Well done Princess Yefon. My track(s) will be out soon too.

  2. Love it Yef… you didn't leave anything out!!!…I spy some of my favorites #Jakiri #KDT #DoMeAgain #Chakara #MutumbuCypher!!! thanks for this one!

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