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The Cameroonian American Chamber
of Commerce (CAMAM) is delighted to launch its “Making of a Star” promotional
campaign, featuring CAMAM Brand Ambassador Kibonen Nfi, the founder of the New
York City-based Kibonen NY fashion label.

Kibonen’s fascinating journey,
alongside her unique talent, ambition, commitment to success and
entrepreneurial spirit make her an ideal brand ambassador of CAMAM.


The Cameroonian American
Chamber of Commerce (CAMAM) is a member-based nonprofit organization
advocating for private sector development in Cameroon, particularly
through promoting active engagement from members of the diaspora in the
United States.  We aim to
intensify international cooperation, improve knowledge sharing, and promote
initiatives that can lead to more inclusive economic growth.

CAMAM currently boasts a
membership of over 60 companies, organizations and individuals.

About Kibonen Nfi

Kibonen delved into fashion in 2009 when she
came up with the ingenious idea of revolutionizing the royal regalia of the
Tikar people of the Bamileke and Bamenda regions of Cameroon – the ‘Toghu”. She
further developed her
her aesthetic vision by creating pieces that don’t only represent the
Cameroonian tribes, but garments wearable and appreciated by the ultra-modern
client – constantly gaining inspirations from the African tribes and global
trends, she represents her inspirations on her textile designs which she prints
on luxurious fabrics as well as on the construction details, shapes and

is aimed at providing a ready to wear sportswear line catering to the client
who is confident in luxurious quirkiness, who is comfortable with trying new
and different things and is capable of travel the world at the comfort of their
current locations, through what they wear.

child of all Africa as Kibonen considers herself, Africa fashion International
nominated Emerging designer of the year 2013, she has successfully showcased
her talent at the Art Institutes Mercedes Benz fashion Week NY SS15, Mercedes
Benz Fashion Week Africa SS12, SS13 and following her successful showcase at
AIMBFW SS15 she was called to showcase her collection again in at MBFWA SS15.
Kibonen has been featured BBC, GQ SA and the New African Woman Magazine.  Her works have been in exhibitions at the
National Museum of African Art – Smithsonian Institution.

order to further develop her skills so as to best articulate the needs of her
clients, and transform her natural talent to a money making establishment, the
African Fashion International Awards Nominated Emerging Designer of the year
2013 is a Fashion Design graduate from the Art Institute.

Kibonen & Viola Llewellyn of Ovamba

serious career in fashion is unfathomable in Cameroon, but this ideology is
gradually changing thanks to pioneers like Kibonen, who takes it upon herself
to cultivate and mature this untapped industry using her experience and knowledge
from learning abroad.

Sustainability in fashion is key to Kibonen who thinks of
Cameroon as a country and Africa as a whole is endowed with abundant talent,
unbelievable design aesthetics, with amazing and beautiful people yet huge
populations live below the poverty line. This was another gripping factor that
urged Kibonen to further develop her skills and use the business of fashion to
eventually help create employment in Cameroon, paying employees a fair wage
that will not only aid survival but allow them to improve their standard of

Kibonen & Nik Achiri (President of CAMAM)

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Looking forward to more from the CAMAM..Thumbs up Kibonen..

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