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It is hard to miss the signs indicating Cameroon is experiencing an upturn in its economy. Business is booming, shops are popping up on street fronts, major government construction projects are being executed in several cities and towns, private home construction is at an all-time high, young people are finding employment a lot quicker than before. 


But as encouraging and heart-warming as all these activities are, for real signs of an emerging Cameroon, one has to look for organised, creative, forward-thinking ideas, being born and taking root in and around the country. Pricewice Ltd, is EXACTLY such an idea.
What is Pricewice Ltd?
Pricewice Ltd is a break-through new concept which brings together two complementary business models, i.e. the buying and selling of primary commodities and the renting out of heavy equipment to companies. Their business uses the classic open-market platform where sellers put up their products and/or equipment for sale or hire, providing buyers with a variety of choices in both quality and price. Just as important as their model, are the technologies they use to streamline their procedures. Namely;
which offers farmers the opportunity to sell their produce directly to the consumers both within and out of the country.
And an over-the-phone facility offering identical service as the website. This ensures that those farmers who do not have access to the internet (and this is the vast majority of them), will still be able to use their services.
Is it unique?
Well yes and no.

No because the last 5 to 10 years has seen a number of online-based companies born in the country, with varying degrees of success.  Online shopping is still at its infancy in Cameroon. The percentage of people shopping for anything online is still almost insignificant. And this is the Achilles’ heels of these internet companies, the relatively small size of the local market.


But before the skeptics crawl back into their 20thcentury caves and begin popping open their champagnes to celebrate the impotence of internet-based businesses to break their strangle hold on the Cameroonian consumer, they must consider the spread of cable television across the country. 15 years ago, cable television was a preserve of the very wealthy. One or two companies in plush offices in Douala catered for the entire national market, which consisted of the very wealthy and a few up-market snack bars. Today, even the guy selling pirated songs and movies on a stool by the roadside has a cable TV set perched precariously on his over-flowing table.

And now for the yes … Pricewice Ltd is unique because it is not just an online company. It is a hybrid. This is a versatile position to be in at this stage of Cameroon’s economic development. The majority of the people are still offline, therefore any company hoping to engage the vast majority of Cameroonians must go to where these people go. And this is, to local markets, street corners, bush markets, churches, meeting houses, etc. Make no mistake, any company, serious about engaging Cameroonians must live with them, breathe with them and grow with them!

And grow they will! Just like cable television, internet activity is destined to explode within the next 5 years in Cameroon. Anyone who owns a smartphone and is connected to Facebook, Whatsapp or Viber or any of the other social media, will attest to the increasing number of their friends who are connecting every day. And this increase is not just among young people; even older Cameroonians are quickly recognizing the benefits of being connected to the rest of the world at the touch of a few buttons.

The model that Pricewice has adopted, that is, being a fully operating business in the real world, with employees in the field, talking to customers face to face, visiting them in their farmers or their places of business, while at the same time maintaining a strong web presence is one that many others will do well to adopt.


What are their main objectives?

To use their own words:

  • Pricewice Ltd will position itself as an online logistics company in the primary commodities market in Cameroon. Our primary mission will be to facilitate the sale of primary commodities like cocoa, timber, palm oil, banana, coffee, etc, produced both by large and small holders who may not have access to big national and international markets. By the same token we will provide companies who usually buy these product with a platform to buy a wider variety of products at very competitive prices.
  • Our secondary aim will be to provide a platform where heavy machinery like Industrial generators, forklifts, bulldozers, etc, often needed both by companies involved in the transformation of raw materials and producers themselves. This aim also extends to providing trucks for transportation of goods, warehouse storage, and all the logistics involved in transportation for these companies.


Competitive Comparison

Pricewice Ltd is really unique in its concept and design and does not lend itself easily to comparisons.
Their main competitive edge is the fact that unlike the status quo where middle-men keep buyers away from sellers their services will link buyers to sellers, and do this even when they are not in the same geographical location. This service is unique in the country.
That said, their aim is not expressly to put middlemen out of business as in some areas, middlemen form a very important link on the production chain. In this regard, according to Pricewice Ltd, these middlemen are very welcome to use their platform to buy or sell goods.
Their second main competitive edge is that unlike their competitors, Pricewice Ltd is open for business 24/7 and they can be contacted at any time of the day via their online services.
Another competitive advantage is their parallel services both over-the-phone and online. This means that clients have more than one method of contacting them.


Company Locations and Facilities, Main office, is located in Douala, at Bonaberi, with branches throughout the country to follow. The location of these branches will take advantage of existing business hubs. For more information about Pricewice Ltd and their services, interested investors, dealers in agro-commodities and heavy equipment can go to their website, or contact them by email on managingdirector@pricewice.comor 
Pricewice Office, Bonaberi Douala
Yours truly @ PriceWice
@PriceWice Office
The taste of the pudding…
As the old English saying goes, ‘The taste of the pudding is in the eating’. So it will be with Pricewice Ltd. Their concept is solid, their model innovative, but ultimately, they will be judged by how well they deliver the services they offer.


Cameroonians could use an efficient logistics company in the agro-commodities and heavy equipment domains  is clear and evident and  Pricewice ltd is the answer to these problems.

Team Pricewice ready for Data Collection in Mbonge, Meme Division
Data collection
Team Pricewice on a data collection spree…
Mbonge done..Next stop…

Check out  for more information and get updates on the Pricewice Facebook page

Agriculture is the way forward…and Pricewice is your solution provider.


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