Hello people…It’s the Music Thursday edition of July…New music, new videos, new artists, new label signees.etc. The music industry dynamics is changing and slowly but surely we are crafting our music styles/genres. 

It’s almost the end of the July..Enjoy the Music. 

Pat Le Reflet
The Ndabott Productions crew is on a roll and releasing tracks back to back. I am feeling his  style. Enjoy the 2 tracks 
ft. Jahel On pousse on met la cale  

ft Krotal – Nje Bodi
“Depuis que je suis signee a Ndabott j’ai un gros coeur”…Feeling the “big heart” in your lyrics. I love the music fusion with my #MCM the one and only Urban Music pioneer, Krotal. Check out the recent compilation album from the Ndabott Productions on here: 

Boy Cheez – Looku Looku

The Ktown rap guard is back with another track with “bragging” lyrics. I wonder who di looku looku the Best Music Artist…Produced by one of my favs, SlimBeatz “I am representing for my people…And when I come around, they be looking at me..”. Love the interjected French track in the track. 

One Love ft Stanley Enow & Jovi – Je Wanda 
So One Love had bright idea to feature Stanley Enow & Jovi on the same track ..One has to give it to him for his creativity and sarcasm…LOL. 

Dr. Sley & The Green Soljas – This is Love
This is Love is one of the tracks off  Dr. Sley’s recent Hope EP Vol 1. “Hope is an optimistic attitude of mind based on an expectation of positive outcomes related to events and circumstances in one’s life or the world at large.” “This is Love, This is love that I am feeling”…I am adding this to my “Les Ways Ndolo” playlist pronto. 

Mister P Yama – Mache Mokolo

OK…I guess you can get everything under the sun at Marche Mokolo?? 😉 “On achete tout a Mokolo”…

Seta Beats – Shake Bagando

Classic Afrobeats all the way…”Oya Shake Bagando”. The video is directed by the talented Adah Akenji of A Music. 

 Kimbo ft Detox – Lez Moi
“Abeh la. Na we di run things for etats. Lez Moi”. What will you call this? Afrobeats a la Coupe decale fusion?  “For abakwa all like njoka”

After the successful release of his second single titled Zengele featuring the amazing talents of Stella Labelle, Vintage Music Group’s artist and front man King K widely known as Kimbo returns with another blazing track titled Lez Moi. Lez Moi is a french phrase meaning “let me be” as to say “mind your business” or “let me do me.” With its beautiful blend of languages (French, Pidgin English, African American lingua franca), and its conversational style, this song is an embodiment of King K’s characteristics as an artist.
 This song  features Truly Blessed Entertainment’s head honcho Detox, whose unique genius and style compliment King K’s at a supreme level. Produced by CameRudeBoy, Detox’s alter eg, This track is sure to lift spirits and bodies from their anchored positions to a state of joyous bliss.

Numerica – La Magie

Another classic Numerica track off “My Own Way”. I love the video..”Jaloux la vien ici”.”Voici encore la magie”

Aladin Deyou – Le Yamo C’est Le Ndem

“Love na wahala..hala. Le Yamo C’est Le Ndem”.I love the simplicity and styling of the video.

Bikim ft Luzi Occi – Tu me fais chaud
Ok this video me fait I love the beats and energy of the track…The track is available on iTunes here

Valentine ft Maddog – Remember

“Do you remember the time”..and hotness & swag in this video 😉 Feeling the choreography!

Yvich – Parkinson 
The video made me love this track more. Hope Music Baby!!The track is now available on iTunes here 

Tizeu – Toujours La
Tizeu’s music doesn’t get old. I can listen to this any time any day!!

Prime Time Boyz – Maboya
OK this lyrics video sef na die..Enough

Ambe – Double Double
“I am making money dollars, money in pounds..Ambe di sing Double oh”

MaahLox Le Vibeur – L’argent C L’argent

Maahlox don cam again..He is just saying it like it is..LOL..Money brings 2 things..Fake Friends and Enemies..This guy no go kill me..”Pourquoi tu parle mal de Maahlox Le Vibeur”.

JMJ Future ft Leykd – Get Numb

OK It’s techno in the house.”She’s already moving on the dance floor”..Get Numb!!

Prospe – 237 Till I Die
The US Based Cameroonian rapper  who moved to the US at 10 is “237 Till I Die” 

2 Brothers – Bb Je Te Ya Mo

The Fast Money Records duo just brought back some zouk memories…



Larryne Melh – Just Kossa
I call her the RiRi/Beyonce/LilKim Camer chic…;) 



The long awaited “Just Kossa” music video is now availbale online on Vevo. “Just Kossa” is the debut single of the up coming cameroonian artist “Larryne Melh” residing in Finland. This electrifying and captivating single won this beautiful and talented artist “The best new Afrobeat artist in Finland in 2014 “.

In this energetic musical piece, the Afro-pop sensation encourages the world to seize a moment to dance their pains and sorrows away for life is too short to waste it worrying about mistakes and regrets.  The video unveils the sexy, soft and energectic side of this astonishing lady .The video was written and directed by “Larryne Melh”.


Anita Etta – My God is Good 
“My God is good. Give him the praise”. If you haven’t listened to any of Anita’s tracks, please get out from under the rock. Her gospel music is on point and I can’t wait to listen to her whole album…Check out more of her tracks on her Facebook page here

Cimilar – Something (Cheri Cheri)

The duo is back. “Les jaloux et les haters….Baby baby oh oh..I want you to see what we could” 

TNayah ft Gasha – All Night

The lady who brought us the “Peace”ful track is back. “All Night” featuring Gasha is definitely getting on my “Les Ways Ndolo” playlist”…”Baby baby…Me and you go born pikin”…


Peter Jericho ft Inna Money – Kamer 4 Life
Kreef Entertainment meet Lifestyle Music. Kamer 4 Life features one of my fav femcees…..What’s not to love about this track? 

Charlotte Dipanda – Kene So (Aller de L’avant)
Charlotte Dipanda never dissapoints. I love everything about this track and video..

 Featurist ft Winney – Touh Mbap
#MCMs for life..I love me some Featurist!! Winney is just the right addition to one of my tracks of the year!!


Finally ehh..Finally!! Soldier Like My Papa by Stanley Enow is out  and now available on or call:

In Yaoundé: 697326349 / 676296019
In Douala: 677879006
In Bafoussam: 699839484
In Buea: 679993964 / 676306847
In Bamenda: 699839484



Wrap up the month in 237Music style.. It’s almost the weekend.Enjoy the Music. Please support the artists & share. 


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  1. Wow I cant even keep up with all these artists! Great to see such a selection every week. One of my fav's is Larryne Melh – Just Kossa and T. Mayah featuring Gasha. Great compilation!

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