Hello people..It’s the middle of the week..and I feel like ranting..

I haven’t done a rant post in a while..Today’s edition on YM’s MT & R (Musings, thoughts and rants) about is blogging….

I had diversify my blog content beyond Cameroon to increase my traffic and diversify my audience..Quite frankly is not easy to blog about Cameroon and Camers….

So there goes my rant..

…. Respect Camer Bloggers 

Understand & Appreciate the Value  of Bloggers (/Online influencers)
I am not sure if it is that Cameroonians do not understand the impact and influence of bloggers or the lack of awareness or experience on how to deal with them or a combination of both or some other reason…I will give it the benefit of  doubt and just say it like it is. 

Bloggers/Online Influencers create buzz. They  spread the word on just about anything..Be it Promoting a brand, business, event,  championing a cause, buzzing about an artist’s new song, a fashion designers new collection, trending an ongoing  event,…etc etc

Blogging started as personal online diaries, Twitter popped up first as an internal podcasting platform and Facebook was born out of a frustrated date.
The journey of online publishing and social networks was never a grand plan but it is the evolution of humans playing on a web canvas that continues to surprise us with its speed, reach and role in influencing buying decisions, building trust and marketing personal and business brands.

Blogs have significant influence on purchase decisions

Check out more  the 10 Insights about Social Media & Blogging here

Bloggers should be on your “bestie” list if you are a brand or business.

Help Us to Help You

If you want to be featured,help us help you.Provide basic information (What, Who, When, Where, When, How as applicable), contact info, quality pictures, websites and social media handles…People work differently but providing information gets you a much better chance of getting featured on a blog than just sending a  random Facebook message or tag. [or better still relying on luck that your info will get seen]

Make an effort to get the basic 411 about a Blog/Blogger
Make an effort to get the 411 about a blog  before contacting the blogger or sending information.Blogs have an about section about the blog’s niche, interests, audience, contact information, advertising and more. E.g. Don’t send a health and fitness blogger your song to promote just because your heard he or she is a blogger. Make and effort and do some homework.

If you are a brand or business, have contact list of bloggers you want to use.Most blogs have a blogroll or list of their favourite/frequently visited blogs..Be curious and check them out..It is in your best interest to have and grow your contact list of online influencers. 

Share..It is  common sense
You have been featured. The least you can do is share it…It is common sense!! 

Typical Scenario: I get an inbox message “oh please I need you to blog about xxx”..”Can you do a feature  about our event?” I respond with information required..After receiving the information sometimes in bits,getting harassed with inquiries of release (in some cases),  feature gets published and the concerned person is informed…At this point, it seems the “contract” is over…You even tell the requester to share it and it doesn’t get done..Some people just bother to get blogged about rather than the information reaching the target audience… Don’t expect a blogger to share and promote your post if you can’t be bothered to share or say a simple “Thank You”…You just earned negative points in my books..Next!

Acknowledge those who promote you
Acknowledge those who promote you. I cannot say this enough. Some people complain that they don’t get features but when they do they can’t share it or acknowledge or thank you!

When  Nathalie Koah starts making it,  people  will wonder why.. She recently launched her lingerie brand Pyschee by NK and shared snapshots of various blogs or websites that promoted her event on instagram.I shared the cover picture of my post about her launch event tagged her and the snapshot of my post was shared on her Instagram profile within 30 minutes. 


“Acknowledge those who promote you”. Nathalie koah officiel & @Pyschee by NK team shared different blogs & websites which featured the Psychee by NK launch event on her Instagram page #CAMpreneur #TrendCamer
Posted by I Rep Camer on Tuesday, July 28, 2015

#Daphnite Alert


To all the bloggers, websites and webzines that have written articles or published my Gunshot single since it was…
Posted by Daphne E.N. on Sunday, June 7, 2015

Thank (& Engage with) those who are talking about you
If you are an up and coming celebrity /personality(e.g .artist, model, designer etc)… Have some Charisma. Thank and engage with those who are talking about you on social media and blogs.

The featured persona reads people go on and on about them on Facebook and on  blog comments and can’t even say a word..abaiii...That’s your fan base talking.I know it is not an easy task but make an effort…Comment, comment.. Fans/Followers want to feel acknowledged just like you want to feel acknowledged by being blogged or talked about…

“A client pays for services. They do not own you…”
This recent post by Eurykah Fon Ndumu of Asheri’s events was just spot on. 


I totally appreciated this as a blogger, because not only do people not pay you, they disrespect you in the process of doing a feature..Or act like you are being paid. 

Deadlines are Important 
Running a content site is a full time job. Blogging is time consuming and involves schedules and various activities.  If you a deadline to provide information, please do..and if you cannot, have the courtesy to let the blogger know it will be delayed and when you will provide the information. 

 If a blogger approaches you for a feature he/she is doing you a favour and not the other way around.. Be responsive and provide information. If you don’t and eventually respond on a later date you may have lost your chance and have to join the cue. 

I don’t chase info anymore..It is tiring!


This post by The HotJem explains it all..

Blogging is not just a hobby or passion. It’s a Business. Incentives are the way forward

I already said earlier blogging is a full time job. It takes time, creativity and other resources..And Time is Money!!

Remember free services don’t last forever. It’s just business

We have up and coming Camer Designers who need exposure..Fashion Bloggers are a force to reckon with.They too need an incentive…If you want to get exposure, give the blogger(s) an incentive by making an outfit for them to rock and blog about..It is a Win Win!! 

Fashion Bloggers, The Perfect Example of Influencer Marketing Potential 

Next time you have an event , online campaign…invest some money to in promoting it via blogs and social media…Having an online & Social Media Strategy should be part of the digital advertising strategy for any brand or business.People never took bloggers seriously and suddenly “Weh you know you bloggers are the ones that do a great job spreading the word nah”. It is a value added service which needs to be handled like business. 

Creating buzz about an artist, a brand, business, event, cause or anything for that matter online is not rocket science..Get the word out to the right people, Engage with & appreciate  your fans and audience and keep those who  promote you or help you make a name happy..

“Since All Man Wan”..E no easy…

If you are a blogger, what are some of your pet peeves? Fans & followers, any questions & words for bloggers??

Over and out…



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  1. To be honest, I got to a point where I decided my blog will simply be what blogs were originally: an online diary where I write what I please, when I please, how I please. Having a "following" and endorsements and all that puts an obligation on me to either pander to the audience or keep up with sharing, tagging etc etc and I'm just to scatterbrained to keep up with it all. Maybe now that school is over I'll make more of an effort ??

  2. "You have been featured. The least you can do is share it…It is common sense!!" I love this post too much…. you said it all. Much love and respect xoxo

  3. Camer artists are not only artists.They are also FACEBOOK bloggers lol…..when they do a song or a music video,most of them share the song or video on their facebook timeline waiting for MAGIC to happen…It will NEVER happen my dear Camer artists…you guys are still to know the power of the media to be able to make it……

  4. Palava Woman..your blog is about your thoughts and opinions true .Nothing else may be important to you yet because to you it is still just an online diary..Either way you still have a following because people read what you write and some engage in discussions which is probably part of why you blog right??

  5. hahaha..whether you are a micro blogger or facebook blogger…People will not find your tracks or videos magically..Habatically? Smh…I am taking this as a rant and education/awareness post…

  6. Good post but i'll suggest you go through after writing. There are alot of grammatical errors!!! They are sore to the eyes and mind

  7. At anonymous..thanks for the feedback. I will do just that. I wish you had identified yourself and sent be specific feedback by email. Thanks for stopping by

  8. Thanks for raising this point Yefon, now you might understand the way I do what I do without any hard feelings fro anyone. I hope Africans at home and in the diapora will finally come to understand the power of social media and make use of it. Sharing information is still not obvious in our society, appreciating those who help you grow has never been the strength of the majority but we are not going to relent. I spread my wings and work with those who are willing to work. That is fulfilling and not frustrating. Don't be discouraged!

  9. Thank you very much Yef, as someone new to the personal blogging sphere, I learnt some valuable lessons here. I especially love your posts and other blog links. They are my get way to discovering more bloggers and learning more about the blogging world. I admire your resilience in staying put and true to your convictions on blogging all these years. Not an easy one to be sure but keep sturdy and keep repping we are learning alot. Thank you.

  10. Thanks for the article, please proofread your article small grammatical errors. But you have very explicit and important points.
    Firstly some of the artists are so difficult to work with, secondly you chat with an aspiring artists and while you are asking questions to know about the person, they ask if its an interview…like who does that?
    Secondly The Bloggers are those making the Buzz just like you said, without the bloggers they wont get anywhere. Thats why Stanley Enow keeps on progressing, he reaches out to people, fans , and even accepts interviews….some others turn down interviews, we are trying to help them. its such a pity.
    I have decided any artist thats not willing to do the right thing, i just put you in my blacklist, and move forward with those who are willing to.
    Thanks again Yefon

  11. Thanks for the feedback Antonia…Sure to everyone has their vision for their blog!! To each their hustle. Hopefully one day e go better

  12. I am glad you appreciated the article…Hopefully we can all learn from each other and collaborate to move the blogging community forward..Ahead ahead

  13. @Anonymous…I wish people who give constructive feedback identify themselves..There is no need to be anonymous. I know there are grammatical errors in it and I proofread it as I go along! As for Camer artists..Hopefully this is part of the wake up call they need. I cut back on entertainment content on my blog because of some of what you mention above

  14. Its Your blog. You decide what you want to post. When you want to post. If I post about Kaissa strictly because I love her jazz voice, I don't care if she shares it or likes it or not. If I post because I love Eloli purses, I dont do it because I want a free bag from them. Because I have a personal blog. Its not my job to promote anyone. I post what I like 🙂

    When it's a Business blog where you're endorsing someone intentionally for other motives for example to indirectly market your blog too and get traffic that can be monetized? free concert tickets? free entry into fashion shows..free clothes…that's when it becomes dramatic/political…because now there are EXPECTATIONS from both parties.

    1.If you're running a business blog ..which seems like this is your intention…to be a social media PR platform for Cameroonian artists…I don't know, maybe have a contract for them to sign? OR a down payment to cover all the work you will do for them.

    2. Do you have a media kit? Use google analytical to show them the number of hits the post got and use that to charge them?

    Africans don't like to pay for "services". They are always trying to cut corners. Treat your blog like the business you want it to be. Be firm about what your expectations are. If they don't meet them. Cut them loose. When they see how others are getting the buzz from your hard work, they'll come back to the table.

    My pet peeve as a health and wellness blogger are fashion designers who want to send me MEN's clothing to review..or Chinese companies who want to send me weight loss pills to try out or organizations who want me to endorsing certain questionable athletic events like a running beer fest….


  15. Thanks Mapetite Niche for your feedback. Very comprehensive and detailed. Everyone has their goals and vision for their blog. Word!!

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