Hello People…Dr. Wilfred Ngwa has been selected as a finalist for a prestigious prize and needs your support.


Cameroonian born Harvard professor Dr Wilfred F Ngwa is in the spotlight amidst two other leading scientists. He has been selected as finalist of the prestigious BWH Bright Futures Prize Competition and he needs our votes to win.

What is the  “Tiny Drones To Target Cancer” about? 

Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide, accounting for more than 8.2 million deaths per year. About 90 percent of cancer deaths are caused by the spread of the cancer to other parts of a patient’s body, making it more difficult to treat effectively.
We have developed a powerful new technology designed to kill cancer cells that have spread to other parts of the body. The technology combines microscopic nanoparticles with medicine—all packed into a tiny drone the size of a grain of rice. Currently in the clinic, similar rice-size materials are routinely implanted in patients to guide radiotherapy treatment of cancers such as pancreatic, lung or prostate cancer. We want to upgrade the technology that is currently used with our “smart” technology, which can be employed at no additional inconvenience to patients. Once in place, our technology will proficiently release the microscopic particles/medicine to enhance local tumor cell death during radiotherapy and act as a beacon to call in the patient’s white blood cells. The white blood cells are then trained to kill cancer cells and can patrol the entire body, fighting cancer that has spread with greater effectiveness.
Read the rest about the project here
About The Bright Futures Prize
The 4th annual BRIght Futures Prize Competition features three compelling projects with the potential to solve vexing medical problems. The finalists, all BWH researchers and clinicians, were selected through a rigorous two-step scientific review process.


The BRIght Futures Prizes support investigators across the Brigham Research Institute (BRI) as they work to answer provocative questions or solve grand problems in medicine.  Your vote will help decide which of these three projects will receive $100,000 towards their research. 

A win for Dr Ngwa goes way beyond the prize supporting his cancer research which has a great potential of revolutionizing cancer treatment. I am a big supporter of  anything related to Cancer..

Let’s Vote Vote Vote….Your vote will make a difference


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