Hello people. Today is last day of August 2015..Time is flying this year like no mans business.

It’s been  hectic lately but I couldn’t let the month pass by without a #237Music post of the month!! 

Camer Music is a roll. New Tracks, Videos, Artists, EPs, Albums, Concerts, Labels and lots of Award Nominations!


Rythmz – Me & U

XM Music (X Maleya’s label) presents Me & U by Rythmz..”Ah I am in love with Rythmz”…”I’ll take you all over the world..you know I can”…

Vreezy Ville – Beautiful Ebangha

OK Ebangha is officially the name that has appeared in track titles lately…lol. Beautiful Ebangha produced by Dijay Karl is seductive track. “Ma Cherie ma sweet heart tomato” 

Pascal & Talla – Contri Boy Remix 
“…I don feel like Pastor for Eglise”….”Doing this for Bamenda, doing this for my town”…I love the lyrics of this track. “Ma mami no contri boy”…New Bell Music has been on a roll..Contri tok…Check Check!!!

Tyz Panchak – No Worry 

“na for kwassa kwassa we go dance the Makossa”. It’s Best Music Inc. Produced by the one and only Slimbeatz!

Shey Ft Pascal – Ice Cream
Sweet sweet Irene. You make want to leak ice cream….You waka for ma skin  make me want to speak Chinese”…Mass that love strong sotey Chinese. If it isn’t Shey it is Pascal….Their music is breath of fresh air!!

Kosy – Blessed 
It’s Kosy on the mic “I rap because of I am blessed..Not to impress”

Franko – Coller la petite
LOL Camers will not kill me!! Wahhh…”La vie apartien a selui qui le dorme pas” …..


Anita Etta – Purify Me
Purify Me is amazing album. My #WCW  last week, Anita is up to something…

Nasomi ft H Bolo – My Baby
Remember you be tell me say..That you never never go away”..This is one for my “Les Ways Ndolo” playlist 

Tilla – Alhamdulillah 
There is no doubt why she one of my fav Femcees..Tilla e rap na die 😉 “For ngumba I be Shufai you be chief whip?” “If you want chop you must work..Even Jesus was a worker”…

Askia – Feel Me
The Mutumbu records lady’s “Feel Me” is a such feel good track..”God Bless the day I set my eyes on you wohoooh”


My new artist of the month is Tutu Biaka, a Buea based artists whose style has been compared to Drake’s.

Tutu Biaka – Ballin

“The devil is a liar I spit on him with fire”…This is one artist on my to watch list..I got this track on my wall a week or so..and it has been the replay..


Foster Planner – Mola Kwata

Akon’s “Shine” Produced by Jovi Le Monstre
Dance Snippet…Courtesy of Fotemah Mba’s instagram page


Great compilation of tracks…Download it here

One of my favs from the mixtape

Teddy Doherty & Inna Money – 3G


Mic Monsta & Krispy – #KingKong Cover

Camer’s got talent…Period!! This Vector cover by CIM’s Crispy &  Kreef’s Mic Monsta got me perfecting my rap skills..Stay tuned 🙂 

“Now I stand like na king for this frontier”….”Money for ma pang. I no fit stand elang elang”….”..My flow now di sweet pass ice cream..I di respect myself. Sometimes even I scream..Oh God I’m the best”

One of the tracks for Lyrics of the Year!!

Reniss EP – Milkish 
This is one Milkish cover right here…

Micheal Jackson ft Jovi 
This video just gives me life!! Directed by Ndukong..Enough said..

Street 237 ft Prince Cliffy – Lala Ooh
“Ven foshoo..nanarrr dze for kaisewirsiiii”..;) .Lamnso lyrics on point..I love their album!! This is should be on the list of classics for this year..

Micheal Kiessou ft Locko – Lomdie
This is what happens when you have two of my fav swag guys on one track. “I can’t leave her no more…No matter where I will go, I will look for you”

Mani Bella – Stop
Just in..The Pala Pala lady is back again with a new track and video directed by the talented Mr. Adrenaline..”Mes toi tu m’appele waka”??? The lyrics

Dosseh ft Magasco – Oublier
This track and video just do it for me..I can’t shout..My #MCMs nailed it. 

August It’s a wrap. Enjoy the music!


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  1. Awesome stuff again, Yefs! My best of August was #Milkish by Reniss, far ahead of all others. The "Michael Jackson" video brought the dance track home, and I can't get over her thing with Shey and the "Mango" song. Also, can't wait for the Akon-Jovi project. Finally, praises to God for my sister Anita's "Purify Me".

  2. You can say that again about the Micheal Jackson video..It gives me life..lol! I am rocking the Purify Me Album! I have been waiting for a big collabo…so looking forward to it as well..

    Thanks for the words of encouragement as usual!!

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