Hello people…New Month. New @Frocentric feature…Showcasing African & Afro Designers one post at a time!!

Today’s post is spotlights a brand close to my heart because it was founded by a childhood friend

Label: Maison D’Afie
Designer: Sarah Divine Garba
Collection: Muto


The inspiration for the 2015 capsule comes from the late 50s cinched waistlines and early 60s shifts against a backdrop of a rusty blush metal door. Muto which is the Douala word for woman was an index of my state of mind while designing the garments; This collection is a woven tale of a woman crippled by old beliefs and customs prescribed to her by her family and society. Her first step out of her fears, follows endless opportunities to not just enhance her lifestyle but that of her community as well.

Dinene has been on a roll lately…With features in Elle South Africa, Bella Naija and Refashion Africa.

What’s the future for African fashion?
There is a lot of optimism about fashion as an engine for growth in Africa .Historically the continent has been a source of inspiration to major luxury brands; it is therefore refreshing that we are now recognizing the potential for flawless craftsmanship from the continent which could easily be translated into luxury but what we struggle with most of the time is discipline and structure.
With so many players at the moment, the industry is bound to be naturally streamlined and only those who have a clear understanding of what it takes to survive in this business and the discipline and professionalism to sustain their creativity and passion will remain standing. These are the players who will eventually truly ignite long term growth and development through fashion.
Obviously the support of our governments is essential to see this come to fruition.

Read more of the Rafashion Africa interview here

To find out more about Maison d’Afie, send an e-mail to sarah.divine@maisondafie.com Website: www.maisondafie.com

Thumbs up to Di & Maison D’Afie Keep flying the 237 Fly high. The Sky is NOT the limit. Looking forward to having some of the D’Afie touch is my wardrobe.


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