Hello people..Today, October 5th is Teacher’s Day!!

Happy Teachers Day. Keep calm and #ThankATeacher

Everyone was taught something by someone..  It takes patience, commitment, dedication, inspiration, courage and more to be a teacher.Impacting knowledge and inspiring people is just noble. Please join me in applauding everyone in the noble profession of teaching…I have had amazing teachers who inspired me from primary school (BKPS Bonaberi, Douala), secondary school (Our Lady of Lourdes, Mankon, Bamenda), high school (Baptist High School, Great Soppo, Buea), University (McGill University, Montreal, Canada), the many mentors, coaches and instructors throughout my career and this journey of life…

The stories are countless..…There is nothing like a teacher who just makes you love a subject/topic..or one who is on your case because you “hate” it…lol…

#Inspired…The amazing female teachers at Nacho College.

Post by Africa’s Tweet Queen, Kathleen Ndongmo

I love this post…

A great teacher goes beyond developing subject matter expertise. From our experiences in education great teachers share…
Posted by Nacho College on Monday, October 5, 2015

 For World Teachers’ Day, A Look At What Classrooms Look Like Acros The Globe on Buzzfeed!

Pictures courtesy of Nacho College & the www.

Share your amazing & nostalgic teacher stories…
Keep Calm & #ThankATeacher!

Happy Teachers Day.


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  1. Teachers are gold! We couldn't be anywhere without them. One way or the other, they impact and inspire us. My first teacher through her personal care and touch, set the ball rolling to the way I grew to love school and learning. The Nacho ladies are wow. Talk about innovation and fashion!

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