Hello people..I am really excited about this venture..New ventures are always a breath of fresh air.

There’s a new IMG_5039make up and fashion shop in Bamenda…NIKI HEAT

Niki Heat launched on March 5, 2015 with a vision to create an entirely new mind set and outlook on fashion in contemporary Bamenda and Cameroon at large. Niki Heat is the fusion between bold, colorful, and modern African designs that creates a unique look and feel. The designs are trendy, accessible, and ready-to-wear. This clothing and professional makeup brand wants to bridge the gulf which exists between high-end designer haute couture and everyday retail chain/bargain bin clothing. It also specializes in complementary accessories such as African fabric-covered handbags, bracelets, necklaces, and shoes. Niki Heat represents what every fashion-conscious Cameroonian wants.


Niki Heat wants to lead charge in altering the culture of mediocrity that exists within the indigenous garment creation industry; a culture which has caused locally made clothing to be associated with poor quality. This will be achieved by delivering premium quality and styling through an almost obsessive attention to detail.


On the makeup side, Niki Heat wants to change the widely held notion that ‘Bamenda woman no know how for make nyanga’. Niki Heat is able to do this by providing the first state-of-the-art makeup studio in Bamenda complete with Hollywood lights. In addition to the classy locale, Niki Heat has talented makeup artists who use brands patronized by Hollywood, Nollywood & Collywood stars such as MAC, NYX, LA Girl, Zaron, SHANY, Mary Kay, Victoria Secret, and BH Cosmetics just to name a few. To complement its makeup and fashion design, Niki Heat sells original, fashionable, and brand new shoes, jewelry, handbags, makeup products all imported from the USA.


A cynic would wonder where Niki Heat will find skilled designers and makeup artists in Bamenda but they’d be surprised to hear that Abakwa is packed with talented youths who ask only for the opportunity to showcase and grow their God-given potential. As with any raw talent, they are rough on the edges so Niki Heat is partnering with local experts to work with the team and accelerate their progression from good to great.


Finally, we see modeling and event planning as natural extensions of our concept and are establishing the first truly professional modeling agency in Bamenda called Niki Heat Modeling and a professional event organizing and décor outfit called Niki Heat Events (details to follow).

Training and internships are offered for all our services because as the saying goes ‘the power of one, if fearless and focused, is formidable, but the power of many working together is better.

Wilson Nyah (USA) 240-313-6344
Solange Bih (Cameroon) +237 678-172-799
2 nd Floor, New Congelcam Building, Hospital Roundabout Bamenda
Instagram: @niki.heat
Twitter: @niki_heat_real
Youtube: @NikiHeat


IMG_1796 IMG_1506 IMG_1662 IMG_1483 IMG_1482





OK..I am getting excited already..I can’t wait check out Niki Heat.

Stay fashionable and keep reppin’ 237.


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