Hello people..Hope you had a great weekend..I haven’t had a rant and musings post in a while so here is one!

And here goes my rant to start the weekend…Harassing women in this country (Cameroon) is a big problem.


Please read the experience me and my friend Kathleen had yesterday below..

There is level of educated analytical REASONING that some of us still need to attain in this country…

Posted by Kathleen Ndongmo on Sunday, 26 June 2016

I have a terrible mouth and my reaction to situations like these when I know I didn’t do anything wrong is usually very bad so I walked away ’cause I didn’t think arguing with 2  grown men was the thing to do in a place like that. [Btw I saw one of these same men staring at me when I paid the bill] . The manager and a few customers tried to calm the situation but it got out of hand..When I didn’t see my friend I came back to meet a scene at the exit of the place. The first thing I screamed “You are treating us like this because we are women..If we were men, this will not even happen”..and I left again telling me friend we need to get out of here..I went back again and this time I just went gangsta…”You also don’t know who we are or who we know..what none sense is this..Kathleen let us get out of here”…and I told them to F***  off a few times..

  • All this so called “Big Men” please if you want to keep your shit coded, do your ishhh indoors or move around with smart guys..Not those who go around intimidating people!
  • Taking pictures in a public place is not forbidden and if you have an issue with someone taking pictures the least you can do is be polite about it
  • You do not have the right to demand for anyone’s phone because it is private property. I don’t care who you are with or what position you are..If you are that important please don’t go out in public to where “regular” people like us go.
  • It is very OK for women to go somewhere alone, eat, drink have fun and pay for their bill..They don’t need to be embarrassed in the process..


On another note. Bois D’Ebene is a lovely hang out spot with an over 20 year reputation.I absolutely enjoyed myself (until the saga at the end!)..Decor,Live  Music, Food, Ambiance..Check check check!


I am sure this happens a lot but because many do not know their rights all these “chindas” harass people and get away with it…

Sorry this time you met your match…#LeCamerCestLeCamer. If the penal code is changed to grant immunity to “big men” then #WeAreFinished

Have a nice week y’all…




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