Hello hello.Something from the world of TV!..

Nigeria’s Super rich were profiled in “Lagos To London” on  Channel 4 in the UK a few weeks ago!

Here’s how a crop of Nigerian elite who live, work and party between Lagos & London…This is just classic showcase and revelation of “Naija Efizzyy”

“Wealth Nigerians are spending millions of pounds on london property, British education and luxury goods”


The Jet Set Life of the Odetola sisters

OK DJ Cuppy throws parties like a modern day Marie Antoinette…Fashion blogger, Temi gets to go to exclusive fashion events because of her family connections and influence. “My blog is acting as that medium between Nigeria and the rest of the world”

The Personal Shopping Experience 

Cassandra…Personal Shopper for luxury goods..Celeb TV & Radio personality, Toke Makinwa loves fashion and has a personal shopper in London and New York!


The Luxury Parties by the Mbadiwe Twins 

Ozee and Ocee Mbadiwe throw lagos style luxury parties!!

“New judge a book by its cover..But If you see a book with an amazing cover you might as well open it up”

Beespoke Luxury Items by Alexander Omosu

The buying power of Nigerians is huge. He is releasing an August catalogue for the super rich…OK!!

High End Property Galore

High end property in central london and close to the shopping districts!

Naijas will not kill me..But I am loving this though..’cause it is inspiring ?

I saw the video below [Spotlight on Reparts] on Bella Naija and the comments….Wandaful.[I like Nigerians ’cause as much as they critique they are still very supportive]

The video spotlights the up and mobile generation of young Nigeria who have moved back home..

I loved the segment with  Nigeria’s billionaire Oscar Ibru, Mr “Join the love train” who encourages and mentors Returnees!

And that leads me to “The Returnees” poster video which I stare in..It was shared a couple of weeks ago and received a back lash of comments. I had to write a long post about it because I think Camers are quick at reacting to things in a very negative manner.  [….you don’t have to agree with me. The recent sagas on the Camer internet-0-sphere is proof how negative we can be]..I know some people will say I am a blogger and should be ready for public scrutiny…bla bla bla..I did not like where it was posted and already shut up to BS..’cause I believe in picking and choosing fights […..again feel free to disagree]

“The returnees”   video below is an intro video meaning “Introduction” to inform people about the show (documentary series) which is currently under production [By Miranda Oben & her team]


I woke up to tags.. So I no get energy for di respond for all man…So this is my response status….

Posted by Yefon Mainsah on Thursday, 19 May 2016


I did not move back home in the best of conditions but I put my voice in the video ’cause  I think it is a good initiative and someone may learn one thing or other from my experience…

To summarize

  • Moving back is not glamorous and I am in no way trying to pass that message
  • It takes time to re-calibrate yourself and adjust into a new life. I have spent half of my life moving around the world so I appreciate this..Be patient with yourself and learn in the process
  • Have an entry strategy. What works for A may not work for B
  • Network Network Network.
  • Attitude is everything!

Plan Plan Plan..Have an A, B and C plan..Be around your support system. People often ask me why i am in Douala..That is home..Being around my family has definitely made a big difference.

Quoting someone I admire…”There is too much to do..Now is the time to build..I am done ranting”….and I have adopted this as one of my mantras..[,my rants are selective…;)]

Life is what you make of it. Make the best of where ever you are..

Who knows..It may just be you on a similar “Douala to London” or “Yaounde to New York” one day…:)

Aspire to Inspire!


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