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Some music for the weekend. This week’s featured video is “Faux Weh” by Calabash music’s signee Stanis.

Stanis seeks redemption for Cameroon in new video ‘Faux Weh’


Calabash music released the visuals for ‘Faux Weh’, a song by their newly signed hip hop artiste; Stanis.  The video is an introduction of the creative capacity that the rapper possesses.

Stanis sings in English, French and pidgin, on a bouncy afro trap beat produced by label mate DJ K+.

The song reveals  the affinity that people have for the ‘easy way out’ (Faux Weh) in our communities. In a light, lyrical – almost playfuyl – tone, he exposes several vices that have unfortunately become the norm in our society today. He even chatters taboo by speaking out for youth protection from the moral exploitation by Cameroonian adult society.


On the video, Director Dr. Nkeng  infuses a creative twist that further brings Stanis’ storytelling  to life. It portrays the artiste playing various vicious roles whilst also seeking redemption from his bad ways. And so what kicks off as a personification of the glorification of vice, ends up becoming  a call to action for us to become more virtuous people. In a musical scene  already pervaded by perversity, Stanis is subliminally carving a new niche through satire. Click below to watch, be thrilled and redeemed!

Keep up with Stanis on social media:

Facebook: Stanis

Twitter: @slimstanis

Instagram: @stanis

Contact: calabashent@gmail.com / 662408941

Thumbs up to Stanis and Calabash music…I am definitely looking forward to more from Stanis.

“Ici on yamo le faux weh..Mon pays yamo le faux weh”

Keep reppin’ 237


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