The Cameroon Leadership Academy (CLA) recently selected a number of young entrepreneurs for a sponsored training course on leader and other skills. Meet one of these candidates…….

Thank you for the opportunity for this interview. Kindly introduce yourself to us.
My pleasure. I am called Monique Ntumngia and am a young female Cameroonian entrepreneur who is passionate about promoting sustainable development with focus renewable energy.


Tell us what the CLA is about
The Cameroon Leadership Academy is a platform for empowering leaders to serve as ambassadors of Vision 2035. It is a platform geared towards creating a world class of young Cameroonian Leaders who are masters of their own destiny and committed to serving the emergence of the country and the African continent.
100 outstanding youths aged between 18-35 years made up of 50 females and 50 males from the 10 regions of Cameroon are provided with skills in leadership, civic engagement, professional accomplishment, patriotic spirit, entrepreneurship, team building, self-motivation, the spirit of individual social responsibility and active citizenship. At the end of the one week training program the young entrepreneurs are provided with certificates of participation and issued diplomas based on the impact they have in their various communities after the program.

I don’t mean for you to blow your own trumpet, but can you share with us what in your opinion why you got selected?  
(smiles) Thank you for this question. Personally and in all humility I will say my leadership skills, entrepreneurial drive, patriotic spirit, and professional accomplishments so far were the things that got me into being chosen.

MoniqueNtumngia1You mentioned your passion for renewable energy, especially solar energy. Can you tell us you have impacted the nation so far?

I have a passion for promoting sustainable development with focus on renewable energy. Solar energy is just one area of renewable energy which I am focusing on for the moment before getting into the other areas of renewable energy.

How has  your focus on solar energy had an impact on the nation or at least those  you interact or do business with.
So far I have been able to have talks with educational institutions and government institutions on the necessity of focusing on renewable energy solutions one of which is exploiting solar energy for lighting and biogas for catering institutions.

Wow! No doubt then that you have been chosen as one of the candidate to participate in the leadership program at the CLA. If you ask me I would say your efforts have been fruitful. Would you agree?
Monique: Sure I agree Sir

Do you mind expanding on that?
For sure I agree my efforts have been fruitful so far. Thank God. I mean it’s always a pleasant feeling to be recognised in your country through such prestigious platforms.

You mean like the CLA?

Any words for aspiring entrepreneurs like me?

(smiles)To aspiring entrepreneurs I’ll humbly advice that in the entrepreneurial journey focus, patience, tenacity, grit, resilience, hard work, consistency and trust in the Almighty God are the essential skills required that have worked for me so far and which I always share with those who aspire to get into entrepreneurship.

Thank you so much for your time.
No, thank you.

Stay tuned for more from the world of CAMpreneurs.


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