Hello people..This year’s edition of the Iya Foundation’s benefit gala takes place this weekend.

Iya Foundation

The Iya Foundation (http://theiyafoundation.org) is pleased to announce its upcoming 2016 “Iya Foundation HUGS Affair” – a benefit dinner and gala. The event will be held at The Edison Hotel located at the Raritan Center in Edison, New Jersey on Saturday, August 20th, 2016 from 7:00 p.m.A preview mix and mingle charity bowling soiree will be held at the Majestic Lanes Bowling Alley in Hopelawn, NJ on August 19th

Bowling Soiree - Pre Event

Who We Are

The Iya Foundation Inc. (TIF Inc.) (http://theiyafoundation.org), a not-for-profit organization that is committed to educating and raising awareness on Chronic Kidney Disease, as well as raising funds that benefit “in need” kidney dialysis patients and clinics,  invites you to participate in the organization’s  2ndannual “Iya Foundation HUGS Affair” Benefit gala. The event will be held at the Edison Hotel located at the Raritan Center in Edison, New Jersey on Saturday, August 20th, 2016 from 7:00 p.m.The event will play host to some 200 guests, a fashion show by international brand, AfricStyle, dinner, dance and much more, for an evening of elegance, excitement, and purpose.


What We’ve Done

Over the years, TIF Inc. has hosted a series of awareness events and social media campaigns reaching out to millions (including Kidney Sundays, the March green campaign, Humans of Kidneyville) in an effort to educate and advocate awareness on kidney disease and organ donation. In 2014 five kidney failure patients in the U.S.A were recipients of grants of up to $1000 each through the Iya Project Financial Assistance Program (TIP-FAP). Earlier this year, TIF Inc. donated $8200 to the Buea Regional Hemodialysis Clinic, Cameroon, Africa, through theirGlobal Dialysis Initiative Program (GDIP), aimed at providing assistance to Kidney failure patients and Dialysis Clinics in developing countries. Ten patients underwent fistula surgeries needed for their life saving hemodialysis treatments through this program. Proceeds from “The Iya Foundation HUGS Affair” will fund the GDIP. Through TIP-FAP, five kidney failure patients here in the U.S. will be awarded financial grants during this year’s HUGS Affair.


Who is Who

As the count down to the event draws close, it is important to note that dialysis patients in developing countries are faced with a lot of limitations that hinder proper care and management of their health. This includes, limited resources such as dialysis machines; restricting dialysis treatment available to patients to only 2-3 hour sessions at only 2 days a week, as opposed to the average 4-5 hour dialysis session for 3-4 days a week in developed countries such as the U.S. Poverty levels in these countries also cause a high death rate as patients are unable to afford the average cost of 12 dollars per session.

For Your Information

In the spirit of awareness, it is also important to note that, kidney disease is the 9th leading cause of death in the U.S with over 100,000 individuals on the kidney transplant wait list, and in developing countries it is quickly becoming the highest cause of death after infectious diseases. Every year, kidney disease kills more people than breast or prostate cancer. This creates a desperate call for help for this vulnerable group which TIF Inc. is trying to respond to.

The founder and President of TIF, Iya Bekondo-Granatella, was diagnosed with kidney disease at the age of seven, and subsequently lost both of her kidneys ten years later. Through the support and charitable effort of her school, church, family, friends, and her community, Iya was able to get a transplant on September 6, 2005. Upon receipt of her life saving transplant, Iya has made a commitment to helping low income individuals who suffer from end stage renal disease through her foundation, TIF. For information about TIF, please visit: www.theiyafoundation.org.

Highlights of last year’s event

Thumbs up to Iya and the team..I am sure it will be a glam and successful event like last year’s..Thank you for using your story and experience to give back to your community.

Stay tuned for updates.


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