Who says nothing good comes from Africa?  Anthony M Motua from Kenya is into something extra-ordinary in the world of technology. At just 24, he invented shoes that recharge batteries.  In fact, he is the founder and the CEO of Am-utua technologies limited and an inventor by profession.


He prides himself as the the CEO of the greatest wearable technology.   “My inspiration for my business continues through being able to solve challenging environmental issues for our clients, and playing a positive role in the stewardship of our environment.  I am also inspired by the significant opportunities for growth and new technologies in the environmental field.”

His technology is simple, the energy created by movements of the body generates electricity that can thus recharge batteries of mobile phones and other electronic devices. The shoe which costs just about $40, apparently has a very thin “crystal chip” which can last for 6 – 8 years. After walking for like 800m, the shoe owner can conveniently connect their phone charger to the USB pod of the shoe for recharge.

Motua who featured among the most 100 influential Africans of the year 2016 is  actually making it big with his concept. This unique African high tech technology which generates renewable energy to charge your mobile phone is a world premiere which Google chairman Eric Schmits quoted in his book;THE NEW DIGITAL AGE has a innovation from ground. He sold 6300 pairs in 2013-2014 and his morale behind this invention is provide a rechargeable solutions to the already 648 million phone users in Africa, who most of the time are suffering from unstable electricity and untold power cuts.



Anthony M Mutua has won many several awards: the second best innovation in the just ended co mesa head of state summit in Kinshasa DRC, best innovation in the first week innovation exhibition in Kenya, best innovation in Africa Aitec in Nairobi, the best SME product of the year and the Overall innovative product 2012 I a Kenyan trade fair held in kisumu Kenya. His products have also been rated has a great tread to watching inventor of the wireless shoe charger. At the moment, he is currently expanding into 5 key markets; Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Gambia, South Africa, China with a projected sales of 1.2 million units per year by 2018.


He is currently getting a lot of interest to raise more capital for his project. While looking forward to new partnerships and greater empowerment, Hatua shoes are subject to counterfeiting and unlicensed duplication.


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