Some times when we look at the general socio-economic situation in Cameroon one can be hit with depressing feedback; one may think Cameroon is one a one way path to doom………….

But with a closer look there is a brighter story and hope, especially among the young people. In various sectors e.g.Education, business, Entrepreneurship, entertainment, volunteering etc there are young people who are selflessly working to make Cameroon in particular and Africa in general a better place.

Meet Javnyuy Joybert (Nicknamed Rain Storm Rider for his tenacity academics). He is the founder and the CEO of The Center of Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Business Management Development (CELBMD) Africa. Joybert is a visionary who wants take on the problem of the great need for professional training and development in Africa. It his solution to the poverty, the poor skills of workers and the growing political instability in Africa. Therefore The CELBMD “has a vision for a dynamic culture of entrepreneurship, leadership, community development and effective business/Organizational management skills in Africa that stimulates entrepreneurial thinking, innovation, the creation of jobs and therefore the decline of unemployment, poverty, bad morals, and inequality and leaves a sustainable Africa for future generations.”

Ecce Homo

His Portfolio
Joybert got trained as a certified Business Management and Entrepreneurship trainer in The American Entrepreneurship Foundation (AEF) California, USA. However, he did his undergraduate studies in accounting in the International University of Bamenda (IUB), Cameroon.

Javnyuy is a financial management analyst by training, a teacher of the gospel by divine orchestration, a writer by accident. He also the Internal Auditor/Accountant with The Kimbo Police Cooperative Credit Union Ltd Bamenda Branch one of the biggest Microfinance Institutions in Cameroon.Through the platform of his organisation CELBMD Africa, he has been nominated and he is a recipient of many awards and he is in high demand as an Empowerment Coach/Public Speaker at Conferences, Seminars, workshops, capacity buildings and trainings. –

Recently he has given motivational talks and training to various groups, like the CYF, CMF and CWF of Presbyterian Church Ntaafi Up-station, Bamenda, during their Millennial Empowerment Conference which had the theme: Turning Challenges into Opportunities

at Presbysterian chuch Ntaafi

He also one of the major speakers in the Millennial Empowerment conference 2016 at the Campus of the St Louis University Institute of Health and Biomedical Sciences Bamenda.



And he receive the Princess Recognition Award from Marie-Clair Kuja Foundation, a New York Based Non profit organization for his outstanding service to the African community.


Keep that engines turning Javnyuy Joybert. It is people or your sorts that we need to bring our continent Africa to the forefront.

Joybert was recently interviewed by The Celebrity Profile (TCP), an online radio show hosted by Don ChaeuLe. Listen to it here


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