adephan-logoHealth and socio-economic status naturally affects the way we relate to one another.  NGANGUE NTHEPE AIME RAYMOND, the founder and manager of ADEPHAN (Association pour le Développement de l’Entrepreneuriat des Personnes Handicapées), is taking the bull by the horn and beating every challenge he is facing.

13239969_1019329361492101_3579279190906879037_nHis physical challenges do not limit him in anyway. He has rather emerged from all it takes, and through his duly registered organization in Douala, is currently helping fellow friends like him  to be business persons and self employed – employers, why not? They have bought a big farm in Obala  and are planning to start an agri-business soon.

Raymond holds a Bachelor Degree in Law and Political Science from the University of Douala; He is a Motivational speaker, a life coach, an entrepreneur and an extended worker at the Governor’s Office in the Littoral Region. He is currently the Douala branch President of the renowned Junior Chamber International, an organization that is making a positive impact in the world so far as pace is concerned.

His entire life has been spiced by constant studies and interludes of professional activism that has yielded recognition and respect from his professional peers and seniors. His pragmatism and passion for change, development and adventure is seen in his presently self owned organization where he trains fellow friends who are physically challenged in one way or the other.

adephan-3Raymond is hereby telling the world that the impact of the disability upon the individual labour force participation and interpersonal interaction is not something people of his nature must succumb to.  The existence of a disability has an adverse effect on the probability of participating into the labour market, but there is always a way out according as he puts it. He strongly believes that education, professional training, and increase the probability of getting a job in the Cameroon no matter your physical nature that is why he is convinced about training his fellow brothers and sisters to be literate in and join the cohort of professionalism.

13920709_1073657132725990_3045679516947139316_nHe organizes his conferences and trainings at the Centre for Multi-functional activities, a facility jointly owned by the Douala Municipality and the Ministry of Social affairs of Cameroon. He is among the 100 chosen by the Cameroon Leadership Academy this year for further empowerment and training to serve as ambassadors of Vision 2035. avogIf you must bet on the future of Cameroon, then do so because you know of a young and energetic Raymond who, despite his physical challenges, is bent on creating a positive impact for his country.


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