Tech revolution is actually sweeping across the country.  This time around, the town of Douala is a major beneficiary. Vairified, has been introduced to taxis – a tech application that helps everyone to be secured.  In the words of the founder M Patrick Ehodevairified-22

“Vairified is about giving the right information for people to take decisions. At Vairified, we want to do it at a large scale in order for each and everyone to benefit from our work. We started with a social approach to enable people to verify information themselves. We noticed  how reluctant people were to interact, so we started targeting specific sectors like products (price, detailed info etc…) and taxis. We were surprised how well people welcomed the initiative right from the demo step on the field”,

Thanks too this app, any  passenger will know if a taxi is authentic; will be able to check the badge number of the taxi. With this same app, it is now possible to get a cab  to come and pick you up wherever you are and drop you wherever you go. Prices may increase, depending if its single or joint hire, but the essence is passengers’ security which is of top most priority.  With the same app, it is possible to verify and get the taxi driver’s ID and reporting any misbehavior is quite easy.

These social entrepreneurs cannot be left unnoticed. Douala is benefiting most from this innovation as they recently partnered with the city council of Douala for effective implementation of this technology. The all time solution has been welcome by all and sundry as a perfect rescue, given the fact that Douala, Cameroon’s economic capital, has been noted for urban insecurity which at a particular season increases considerably, and sometimes exponentially in almost all spheres.



Indeed, Vairified, enables any holder of smartphones to follow and learn in real time on their family traveling by taxi, simply by entering the registration number of the taxi in the application, which records the location and GPS coordinates travelers. in full development and already eyeing several cities expand internationally.

Patrick Ehode is leaving no stone unturned. With his Vairified, anyone can search and share quality information about their favorite subjects, places, friends, and the list continues. Its so much user friendly and fun.


From every indication, there is no doubt that the android generation is shaking the waves of the country. There’s a lot to discover from these young stars.

We call on all to support not only the team and their work for the  welfare of Douala and Cameroon as a whole.


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