Hello people…Hope you started the Thursday on a bright note!

I woke up this morning to a snapshot in my inbox…Gasha’s apology to her former label Stevens Music Entertainment!!


Stevens Logo, Gasha’s Apology on her Facebook page, Fan art by Ndedi Asek


The split between Gasha & Stevens ME was a very painful one especially because of the reaction of some of her friends and fans on social media. I was very much in the middle of the Gasha-Stevens saga about 2 1/2 years ago. Read my post about the split here. What happened after this post was a series of posts and insults on Facebook and twitter directed at me (and Stevens Music of course). Saying I was disappointed is an understatement. Why? Because Gasha was and is still a very talented artist. Stevens Music moved on with Daphne who is now one of Camers award winning Divas!!

There are a few  lessons to be learnt from this

  • It is a very small world..What goes around comes around!
  • Contracts: Artists read the fine print of any agreements/contracts before you sign. Labels: Have an exit clause.
  • If you must sever ties with someone let it be done in a way that it doesn’t publicly embarrass someone in the process.
  • Your career is in your hands..Choose the right team.

The Camer Music Industry has grown a lot especially in the past 2 years. It is without a doubt that there will be new labels, signees, disagreements, splits and more..This is the time for Camer Music and there are opportunities to grab! It’s Thursday…Enjoy the last Music Thursday post and stay tuned!


This is a step in the right direction. Wish Gasha all the best in her career!

Happy Thursday. Keep reppin’ 237!


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