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Oh the joy of the Christmas season: younger cousins and siblings running around the compound,  maternal aunts roasting fish and turkey, mum loosing her mind over the Christmas menu, dad and the boys counting empty sweet drinks and beer bottles, to make sure there was going to be enough ‘buzz’ for the 30+ family members who came 3 days before Christmas day year afteryear to celebrate with us.

Christmas week was the busiest and most stressful but also the most exciting week of the year at my parent’s. The joy of having our cousins around, the stories we shared, the Christmas carols we sang, in fact, the whole atmosphere of Christmas outweighed the stress of the previous days.

beef suya skewers

Mum made sure to include all Christmas favorites. From Poulet DG. (chicken ragout mixed with ripe plantains), jellof and fried rice, grilled turkey, to ndolé and sautéed pork, we had it all. Not forgetting small chops like chin-chin, puff-puff, meat pie, as well as doughnuts, cakes  salad macedoine and homemade ‘foléré’ (hibiscus flower drink). It was a feast for a king. Heavenly memories that I so cherish.

This Christmas, I’m carrying on mum’s traditional Christmas menu. I have put together a list of my favorite starters, main and side dishes, small chops and drinks to inspire you this Christmas. Choose the foods you would love to have by clicking on the links below and get directly to the recipe. I also put together 5 tips for a healthy Christmas celebration so that you can feast without regrets.

Plantain pancakes

Plantain pancakes & peppered snails

Christmas menu: morning

Start the day with a healthy breakfast, it will keep you satisfied while you wait for the sumptuous meals and help you eat less. Below are 3 options: for vegetarians,


Option one: 

Akara toasties

Akara cassava

Moi-moi Rolls

Option two:

Baked plantain pancake and sautéed vegetables

Guacamole (puréed avocado) & whole meal bread

Sugar-free plantain bread & jam

Option three:  

Chin-chin yoghurt parfait

Homemade sardine & whole meal bread

Spinach Omelette

christmas menu

Christmas menu: Lunch


Cucumber rolls

Caramel-vanilla-flavored fruit salad

Exotic fruit salad

Suya-spiced prawns on leafy greens

Stuffed avocado salad

exotic fruit salad


Main dishes

Asun – barbecued goat meat 

Poulet DG.

Fried rice

Jellof quinoa

Jellof, oil-less with beetroots


Catfish peppersoup

Suya-spiced chicken thighs

Nkati Nkati (palm oil chicken chops)

Roasted fish


Small chops



Crunchy baked meat pie

Hot scotch eggs

Sweet almond bites

Beef skewers

Cucumber rolls


Nutty fruity rainbow cake

fruit cake


Blood orange drink

The watermintlon drink


Salad dressings

Spicy homemade mayonnaise

Creamy Beetroot mayonnaise


Hot sauce (pepper)

There you go guys, hope this menu makes this Christmas stress-free and more enjoyable. Have a very merry Christmas!


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