Hello people..After a long hiatus MT is back!!.Honestly sometimes…I can’t keep up with the numerous updates…Last year Camer Music showed a lot of growth..and this year even more…with the quality of tracks and videos!

Here is the Mid Year 2017 Edition

The cover of today’s MT goes to the hottest crew Alpha Better Records!


Kicking off this Music Thursday with a new track…

Shura –  Atalakou

Shura is among the artists on my list of underated artists..Looking forward to more of her soulful tracks “Why you di do me Atalakou

Locko – Thank You Lord

As usual Locko doesn’t dissapoint. I love the feel good track and simple video. So happy that Locko is representing 237 in the Coke Studio collabo with Jason Durelo.

Tyz Panchak – Like that 

“Ma jolie sweety baby tomato”….Tyz Panchak has a way with his romantic tracks ? “I like you that oh. I di feel you like that like that oh”

Tirajai – Redemption

This one artist I hope gets a viral track this year…Underated!!.”Too much money I di find am….” “Nkeh sem seh mo yenin oh”..

Blanche Bailly Mt Mink’s 

“Je dit est Mimbayeur”…I love this track. “Jumba no be marrate oh”…and Minks is bae any day!

MPro ft Tag – Showbiz

If showbiz no for helep…I don’t know what some of these artist will be doing. Love the funny track by Stevens ME signee MPro..Looking forward to more from him.

Prospe – MTN Number

On my MTN Number?? Man go hear all kind for pays…”Yeah baby hit me up”….The lyrics of this track though!

Blaise – Front and Back

“Dem say small man like big thing” lol…Blaise B joined the winning Alpha Better Records crew…saw it coming!

Askia – Ma Valeur

Askia is now Alpha Better records’ only lady…it is having a very influence on her no doubt..”Tu ne peut pas me faire doubter ma valeur”

Daphne – Calee

Let’s just say everything Salatiel and Mr Leo turn into gold…Calee currently has over 1.9M views! Happy to see Daphne’s styling improving this year! Je Suis Calee oh oh…

Salatiel – Toi & Moi

You already know..Salatiel is bae…”Baby I am not afraid to give you my heart oh”…Toi et Moi!

Mr Leo ft Hiro – Je T’aime

“L’amour que j’ai pour tour…”…In short the Alpha Better crew is wining this year very bigly ?

Magasco ft Jacques Greg – Belobo Zamba

As long as Magasco in it…then i love it ? “People always tell lies…”. I love the contri tok!

Reniss – Pilon

“La nuit je pijon”…Appelle moi Pilon”…Reniss delivers as usual


Mani Bella ft Tenor – Deranger

When you crazy artists are in a collabo…you can expect crazy! Lol..for whatever reason i love this track.

Mr Leo – C’est Faux 

No comment..It’s Mr Leo!

Featurist – One Day

“One Day I go be superstar oh”..I love me some Featurist

X Maleya ft Mr Leo

I love this track “For you…I will do anything”

Tenor – Kaba Ngondo

“Parce que le bons gars son rare comme les jeunes filles en Kaba Ngondo”….In short Tenor is the ishhhh



And the highlight of today’s MT goes to the Alpha Better Records crew…This track is giving me life

It’s a wrap…Hope your favs made in..Until next MT…Enjoy!Happy Music Thursday

Keep reppin’ 237


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