Hello people….This week’s focus is on @frocentric trends and collections..

It is Bright, Colourful, Trendy….and much more..

In order to quench the impatience and hunger expressed by our clientele as a result of the long wait that comes with producing our vibrant and elaborate seasonal collections, we have resolved to releasing a monthly mini collection solely to satisfy you.

At OZI International, we mean it when we say “customer is king”.

OZI INTERNATIONAL presents The “VIBRANT” Collection

Each piece is created with a vision to have  clients clearly stand out in today’s world where originality is fast becoming a thing of the past.

Everybody needs that 1 or 6 pieces in their closet that makes them look effortlessly unique.


The collection was inspired by the warm climate of Douala and the fact that it’s summer time in other parts of the world. People need something fresh, colourful and airy to wear but still go out looking unique and classy.

The collection is for any fashion forward person who doesn’t want to do too much. The pieces are easy and can be worn with just anything from jeans, shorts, skirts, leggings, bikinis…just anything.

The collection is available at the Ozi store at Douala-Deido, Nouvelle Route Grand Moulin.

Our goal is to add that spark to your closet. At OZI, we make you look different, we make the difference clear. If it’s different, it’s OZI International.


Photos: Nji Asonganyi Pictures
Models: Tancho Zinky, Mercy Joyce, Richmond Tancho, Anyi Asonganyi.
Makeup: OZI International

To order:
Call/ WhatsApp: +237679193630/ +237654074357
Email: ozibyanyi@gmail.com

Facebook: facebook.com/oziinternational

Instagram: @anyiasonganyi @oziinternational

Twitter: anyiasonganyi, oziinter

Snapchat: anyiasonganyi


I am feeling the fun & trendy vibe of this new collection. What do you think about it?

Get trendy with Ozi!

Happy Tuesday.

Keep Reppin’ 237


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