Hello people…Today’s WCW is our gal LALA…

Fresh news on the Re-branded Miss O.K.

So the big buzz around Camer and Naija these days is about the return of our girl LaLa to the musical scene. LaLa, the artist formerly known as Tokee Lala  of hit single “Packfine” fame is reported to have recently gone back into studio where she is recording several songs in preparation for the fall season and end-of year holidays.

LaLa went to Nigeria after the release of her first song to enhance her musical knowledge in a renowned Lagos institution. During her stay there, she wrote and recorded several songs that only now need mixing and mastering.

Armed with new management and fresh motivation, she is undergoing a meticulous process of re-branding in preparation for the release of her new songs. Our sources have confirmed that renowned TV event promoter Jerome Barthson (Carton Rouge), a brother to Don Julio Bats of Barthson Global Communications, is currently acting as her manager.

She is currently working on her new music at the newly reconstructed and redecorated  Alpha Better Records studios in Buea, the Mount Cameroon City. ABR CEO and music maestro, Salatiel is producing and arranging her main song, which should be released by the end of July. Blaise B and Big Joe will also the mix and master other songs. We simply can’t keep calm!

Our sources confirm that LaLa will release at least 4 tracks in phases agreed upon by artist, management and producers. Salatiel will advice on how best to proceed, of course, since he is the magic music maker of our times and knows best how to engineer new talent & music promotion.

So… are we excited yet? We should be! Judging from the drip-drip release of some torrid hot photos recently!

Here’s the REAL Miss O.K.!!!

Pictures by Studio 89, courtesy of LALA and management. 

There’s something really HOT boiling at the top of Mount Cameroon that should be erupting pretty soon. Stay tuned for more #IRepCamer exclusives.

Bring it on, baby gal LaLa. I Rep Camer has your back as always!

Keep Reppin’ 237


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