Hello people..It’s another Music Thursday edition..The music industry is buzzing right now with new collabo, release, EPs, endorsements, tours and more..

It’s Music Thursday the July edition..Enjoy!

Micheal Kiessou  – Pardonner

Pardonnez is a subtle blend of afro dance hall and folklore sounds..Produced by Mr Winney, the main language used in the song is “Ghomala” of the western region!

“Pardonnez” for me is an invitation to warm relationships between people, between nations to resolve conflicts and discord in the world.” says Micheal. “It faut pardonnez……”

Magasco – Bella

Na da Bamenda Boy is back with a new track….”Baby you di turn ma freak on….Comment tu t’appelle..Elle me dit Bella”…

Dynastie Le Tigre

237 Representin’…”La femme que j’aime….M’aime pas”..Ashia Dynastie…I love this track!

Ambe – Reste La

Ahhh Ambe di sing!! “Je ve pas touche….”..I am feeling the track and love how social media was incorporated into the video!


Moulah Waf  ft Mimie – New Give Up

This is a new artist discovery..I am loving his style already!

Wan Shey – Wuna Morning

Another new artist discovery…I love this! “Wuna morning….I feel say di men dem go change”

Skiidi Boy – Nanga Mboko

Ok lyrics Skiidi Boy…”For ma kwata no di play…Moi je suis Nanga Mboko..Maboya”

Ngoma ft Kikoh & Nermos – Mangosi

“Wise men call me Mangosi”….Nice collabo!

Bah’Ndong – Maturity, Against Me and I

“Me and poverty have no relation…Maturity strikes like true wisdom”…You need to check out Bah’Ndong tracks…He is one versatile rapper…Feeling against me and I….

Salatiel – Freestyle

Salatiel says “Jungle don turn be na city..All man don turn be na king….I don wanna be king over anybody…because…Real kings on real thrones and from where I stand I don’t see any”…Gbammm…MCM of life…This

Tirajai –  Roots

Tirajai is soo on track..Roots is a such a feel good  upbeat folklore track. Doesn’t Lamnso sound nice “Ven sha’ati wir oh veh a koh for Bui”

Mic Monsta ft Dready Christ – Freedom of Speech

“I have been loving her since 17..But na last week e fall for ma 18”. The Kreef Entertainment signee is back with a Freedom of Speech off his self titled EP “Mic Monsta EP”. “you day so you di make ma heart di saka na dzengue”…lyrics are usual!

Wax Dey ft Mr Leo – Better

It’s a Calabash – Alpha Better collabo. Better is a track of hope!

“We wrote this song because of everything that Cameroon is going through right now. There is so much pressure, from the terrorist attacks in the North, challenges with women abuse and nude videos, the train crash we experienced recently, the the struggle of the Anglophones, and even other parts of Cameroon who may not be vocal but are going though very hard times. We believe that we will emerge a better people because we have God on our side, so we are asking people to turn God to support their handwork and their quest for a better life” says Wax Dey..


Adah – Nanana

Original boy Adah…”wants to put it down nanana”

Rythmz – Boboloh

The new Empire Company signee duo make a come back with the new track.”Elle dit qu’elle veut le Boboloh. elle n’aime pas miondo”

237 Divas

Dohsane – Achouka 

“On ne mange pas la banane avec la peau”… Achouka…Everyone in the video enjoyed themselves…lol. Will be watching Dohsane ?

Mimie – Dona

“Oh you di bring shoro shoro…” I love this track and video…”You be muna for tete”


These are the highlights of Today’s Music Thursday edition…

Naomi Achu ft Pastor Okudi – Power of God 

It’s your girl Naomi…Her flow in this is just it! “I am not ashamed of the Gospel”

Boy Tag – Being Me – The Introduction

Will the real Boy Tag please stand up! Watch out for  the new Steven’s Music Entertainment signee…His flow is the illest…

“We believe “Boy TAG” is destined to be the best Hip Hop Artist in Cameroon and in due time Africa and why not the world at large. You have to listen to his freestyle intro video to get an insight into what we at Steven’s have already been privy to all these while.”

OK It’s a wrap..Enjoy the music..Happy Thursday!


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