Hello people..Today’s WCW is a young lady who wants to take the world of photography by storm in Cameroon!

The  Victoria born Sarah Muenge Nkwanyuo is a simple and enthusiastic woman.A proud Sakerette and product of University of Buea, Douala has been a better school and traveling across the African Continent has been the most important education for me.

I don’t know the adjectives to use on myself but these two Bible Scriptures best describe the woman I have become. Matthew 6:33 (seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all other things shall be added unto you) closely woven with Philippians 4:13 ( I can do all things , I mean all things through Christ who strengthens me) which explains why I turn to gold everything I decide to do according to the purpose of my creation by God.

After years in  Tourism (Central African Tours) and Event Management (Africa & Middle East Trade Ltd) across Africa , she had the urge to find discover herself which lead her back to her  passions, the things I love.Makeup paved the way for me and now Photography.

This year alongside Makeup she took up the challenge in Photography & Blogging. Her Blog www.isleofecstasy.com under the theme “My Space, Our Space” was released on  February 1st, 2017. It is an  embodiment of who she really is…It covers Christianity, Beauty & Fashion , Health, Cameroonian Talents, Delicacies, People, Places, Activities and of course her own Space called “No Meu Sofa” which means On My Couch where she will share some of her fantasies .

The big question….Is she dropping Makeup?

No, I am not dropping Makeup , I am doing them together. And the push in Photography came in because of Makeup.I was tired of begging for pictures from Professional Photographers(of which most are my friends and teachers ) after events and truly they don’t owe you any apologies for not giving you pictures, you didn’t pay for the event… lol.

I also developed interest in Child Photography thanks to my nephew , our bundle of joy , the Duke , Ethan Kang. This young man has become a source of my inspiration , his birth changed the lives of many of us and as a family. I wanted to capture his moments, his smile, document his childhood and it has transcended to capturing  the innocence and squishiness of babies, the happiness and  joy these children bring to their parents & families and through pictures families will still be able to remember these days even after the children are grown.

My sister Ebangha Nkwanyuo of EB Kreations  & I always talked of owning a shop called P & P and right now all I see is that dream coming into a reality. Our idea was a shop with so many Pink and purple things and of course when I look at this kind of Photography I am going into it reminds me of our childhood fantasies. #dreamsdocometrue 

How have you trained yourself? What have you been up to lately?

I have been able to read online, still reading and I was in  Lagos Nigeria to learn about Photography. I  attended the Largest African Photography Gathering  (thenowcollectives.com) with Ace Photographer Stanley Miki of Stanley Photoworks .

We were inspired by the TNC Convener himself UK Based & Award Winning Documentary Photographer Segun Olutu , Bayo Omoboriowo (Nigerian Presidential Photographer) , The Queen of Photography TY Bello, UK, US, South African Based Photographers.We are working on partnering with The Now Collectives Team for Photography Trainings & Conferences in Cameroon.

I went through training in Newborn, Children, Pregnancy & Family Photography with the Award Winning Female Photographer of M12 Photography, Bisola Ijalana.

 Both platforms made me ready to get into real photography. Appreciating every step of it and ready to kick off and be one of the best Photographer in Cameroon in the future! 

 When Award Winning Photographer  Marius Tudor of PhotoChic Romania in his closing remark said to us, “Do not be afraid …  Go, Shoot,Fail & Grow”, I knew this what it, time to take a step forward.

When the time is right I will give back to others who are ready to learn others.  I am ready to go all out, jump off the cliff and make the difference through Christ who strengthens.

Give Me Your Child and I will give you Sweet Memories of her/him/them/you all. I am ready to bring my own bit of change in the Cameroonian Photography Industry.

Words of Gratitude and Acknowledgement

Aww… My gratitude goes to my Family Mummy, EB, Kang , Joyo & Ethan.My Big Brother Nambeke Manga Williams for buying me my first real lens.

I am grateful to My Church, Lighthouse Chapel International ,Cameroon  who let me shoot all sorts of amateur images and still called it nice and look for me to take pictures as if I am already a Pro.

I am grateful to every Cameroonian  Photographers who took out time to teach me something on Photography when I had numerous questions.  Thank you Mbeng Ngassa for my First Photography Lesson. Stanley Photoworks, you have been an amazing friend and teacher. Thank you Delmezzo Photos, , DBM Pictures Nigeria , Radiant by Renna Nigeria , ATS Productions , WEG, FREDASH, Musing Derick and Roland Vuyeh, Affuembey.

My BBLers you girls make me feel like I can fly a plane. Koge Henry you are a boost to my driving force. My Papa Cherie il n y vraiment personnel comme vous!

Contact Info

IG : @ioephotography @ioebymuenge Twitter : ioebymuenge

Facebook : Isle of Ecstasy Snapchat : ioebymuenge

Blog : www.isleofecstasy.com  # (237) 695462733 / 677940258 Email:  staff@isleofecstasy.com

Thumbs up Sarah!

Keep Reppin’ 237


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