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To clear the air about rumours of possible bank closure, Ecobank Managing Director, Gwendoline Abunaw yesterday  issued the statement below


We would like to assure all our customers that Ecobank remains committed to its Cameroon operations. For sixteen years, we have worked to develop our operations and grow our customer base, which in turn has seen us become the fourth largest bank in the country.

We are a modern, pan-African forward-thinking bank focused on utilising digital technology – in our case mobile banking- to provide cost-effective, convenient, flexible banking solutions to our valued clients.

While we are committed to advancing our digital strategy, we continue to service the physical banking requirements of our customers with our existing branch network, ATM and cash deposit points, which are present in nine out of 10 regions across the country.

We would like to say a heartfelt thanks to our customers for their continuing loyalty.

Gwendoline Abunaw
Managing Director, Ecobank Cameroon


There are a few lessons  learnt from this whole saga.

Educate – Engage – Communicate!

Effective Communication is key

It is necessary as part of change management to ensure that there is effective communication to avoid panic like there was yesterday! Text messages to clients would have done the trick.

Timing is Everything – Respond Quickly 

Timing is everything! Responding quickly and effectively during incidents like these is extremely important.

Engage & Educate

Engaging and educating clients early enough on the new digital mandate and it’s tools are very important.

As evident above, Ecobank moves into the Digital Era and  is proud to be Cameroon’s 4th largest bank. Download the “Ecobank Mobile” app for your banking needs on the go!

Have a nice weekend.


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