Hello people…Hope your day started on a bright note. Event spotlight of the today is the launch event of a new collection by Camer designer Louise Fame which took place last weekend at Mountain Hotel in Buea

The fashion industry in Cameroon is on the rise…Fashion brands and different stake holders in the industry are stepping up their game. This is definitely one industry with challenges in our unique Camer context with a lot of potential. I am happy that in 2017 a designer launched a new collection with an event!

Louis Fame Clothing is a Camer fashion brand based in Buea, the capital of the South West region. With over 9 years in  business the brand is among the most creative, innovative and fastest growing fashion brands in Cameroon.

With roots deeply planted in Cameroon, a country with  rich and cultural diversity, Louis Fame has succeeded in incorporating the culture.  The brand’s creativity spans across Cameroonian, African and western cultures. Each product or set of products is a perfect blend of these cultures.

On August 5th 2017, Louis Fame Clothing unveiled a special package consisting of:  Logo, Brand Lines, Icons and   the new collection(A1 Men’s Spring/Summer Collection)

Louis Fame Clothing is a pioneer in the fashion industry for organizing an exclusive collection launch event. The event hosted a remarkable number of entertainment, government and economic stakeholders.


The outfits and spectacular display of arts and fashion on a totally unusual runway made the event even more historic. Louis Fame Clothing partnered with Asek Arts to produce this classic blend fashion and art (painting).


The man of the hour himself designer, Louis Fame!!

The event was a fine blend of  Fashion, arts, musical performances(by Benzil and Rythmz), dance(by Kamer Great Dancers) and comedy(by Oboy Da Comic and Mc Calvino).


Annie Kukie looks sublime in the blue ankara outfit…


I know..my swag is dapper…


..Model Briana Lesley, MUA & Designer Anyi Asonganyi & model Zinky Tancho..This trio has style for days.


Ehmmm one of my fav photographers, Nji Asonganyi…you get for explain this pic with the lovely Syndy Emade..


If you di jealous ma swag…Tell Louise Fame for design ya own…:) This pic of Miss P is giving me life


Dcoded TV host & Producer, Joan Ngomba is just simple & elegant in this all cream outfit!


I never yet understand this Spectacles matter indoors! Salatiel I see you ?


Calabash Music boss & artist Wax Dey on the red carpet!


Dcoded TV lady Joan interviewing TV personality Steve


TV personalities Steve & Dalida on host duty!


Smile..you are on candid camera….Kelly B I see you ?

Designer Louis Fame & Divine Polyvalent on the red carpet!

Ni…i salut you and ya swag ?


JJ Fonyam… this your lawyer swag worry!


The lovely Syndy Emade in a simple & classy outfit!


The Designer & The Artist behind A1. Thumbs up Louise Fame & Ndedi Asek

Photos courtesy of Louis Fame, Stanley Photoworks, Kelly B & facebookers ? 

It is great to see that many from in and out of Buea came to support the designer launch his new collection.

Thumbs up to Louis Fame and the organizing team of the launch event.

Looking forward to more from Louise Fame Clothing.

Have a wonderful day.

Keep Reppin’ 237


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