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In Today’s edition the future of a former New Bell Music Artist is questioned vis a vis his former label boss!

Does Pascal Have a future with Jovi?

Some 5 or more months ago, Pascal announced his departure from New Bell Music to join a new label Strange Kings alongside Benzil. I have met Pascal at least three times and we have talked. I can’t say we are friends either but I like the guy and he has so much talent that will be a joy to watch blossom.

I have interacted, on some level, in the past with some of the people behind the Strange Kings organization and my first impression was not particularly positive. I am one that likes to look past what meets the eye and I can say I do have a good sense of discernment. I could feel there was a lot of what you can call misplaced priorities. The potential is definitely one of the greatest I have come across since I started moving around the industry but there was something wanting in the approach.


After signing his deal, Pascal took over Kreef’s snapchat for a day to introduce us to his new situation. I follow Kreef on snapchat so I was there to spend the day with Pascal. After watching some of the snaps, I sent him a DM that said “Take care of yourself” and he was like “thank you bro” but I knew he didn’t think about why I said that. I mean it was hardly the occasion- the Champagne was still popping.

He was already donning his new Yung King merch – really like the logo by the way. It reminds me of some drawings we used to make with O’s and 6’s back in primary school. You could tell there was a lot being done to package his image and make him feel good about his decision to leave New Bell which is good but something which should have come second. You might ask second to what, to which I will say -the music -and to think he now has access to a studio with some great aesthetics. We all know aesthetics cannot produce good music but then again, I believe a nice environment can put you in a good creative space.


Any- Ha!

Pascal seemed to have been a good student at the time of his departure from New Bell but I don’t think he was ready to be in a situation where he would need to be in control of his sound. Coming off a situation where he was being guided by Jovi, a situation in which he had already created an identity, the first order of business, one would think, should have been in the subject of the new sound. New Bell is not a label you leave to go and join another label. When you leave New Nell, you have to be leaving to start your own label or if you are going to join another label, it should be an established one with a track record of building artist – not one which is still trying to find its way.

I don’t think he would have been able to express himself for a long time under New Bell or reach his maximum potential in terms of marketability but it now looks like it was kind of too early for him to leave. I am not sure of what was going on internally at New Bell but if he didn’t want to be part of the atmosphere anymore, by all means, anyone should leave a bad relationship. However it seems there wasn’t a clear vision of what he was going to do when he left. I am surprised he took this long to release a song.


This new song from him is aight at best. Production wise, it is definitely on the L side of things in comparison to everything he gave us while at New Bell. He definitely gave us the best vocals one could have had on that beat but it is obvious the production process had many holes and the artistic direction that had to be said now seems not to be set. For a rap heavyweight like Pascal, coming off a long break, this is hardly what any rap fan wants, at least not now. He might have as well just did some afropop. I mean, I was expecting him to tell us about leaving new bell, what has changed, and what we can expect.

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