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I have been meaning to write about the Cameroon Film industry for a while..The first time I watched some really good documentaries by Cameroonian film makers was at the Houston African Film Festival in  2015..

I don’t even know what to call it…Callywood, Camwood, Calliwood etc..or just the Cameroon Film Industry (that sounds better to me)…

Is CAMIFF the answer to Cameroon’s struggling film industry?? Ehmm why are things in Camer such a struggle in general..Our film industry has a lot of potential and our films seem to get more recognition and watched outside the country than within Cameroon..

I will continue my rant in another post ?


The second edition of CAMIFF – Cameroon International Film Festival was launched yesterday with some of our actors, actress, directors and stake holders from within and outside Cameroon.


 Cameroon International Film Festival plans to advance its corporate priority to make the Cameroonian film industry a culturally and economically richer platform by partnering with a vibrant and dynamic Corporate brand to host an exciting annually showcase which will engage Cameroonian  and international films. The Cameroon International Film Festival (CAMIFF) is put forward as an event that will showcase and present a complete immersion into the world of film making with participation from actors, directors, scriptwriters, cinematographers, sound engineers, editors, light engineers, students, equipment manufacturers and media.    The festival will feature a series of workshops and training opportunities to raise the standards of the local industry; networking events such as the film and equipment market wherein partnerships are encouraged through development…


Syndy Emade, Lucie Memba, Malvis Mohvu, Nsang Dilong, Ivan Namme, Agbor Gilbert (the main man behind CAMIFF), Ramsey Noah and more graced yesterday’s launch events.

CAMIFF has  films from different countries & various activities and events  till April 29th at the Buea Mountain Hotel and feature films showing at the Buea Shopping Mall’s W cinema.


Edith Pikwa Boma’s film Kiss of Death was the opening film yesterday







Here are some pictures from yesterday’s launch event.

Stephanie Tum definitely rocked the red carpet…One of my favs!


Malvis Mohvuu & Lucie Memba

Movie producer and director Ivan Namme on his “destroy” jeans game ?


I love his suit #Beardgang


Totally feeling Lucie Memba’s colourful dress!


Malvis Mohvuu is about dem legsssss ?

Keep it simple and elegant with a little black dress..Nsang Dilong!


Rekha Rana on the colourful sari effect ?

Ramsey Noah…I will just leave it there!

The main man behind it all…Agbor Gilbert!

Hello Ma Chris..I see you ?


Stay tuned for more on CAMIFF..

Photo courtesy of CAMIFF Facebook page & FB at large ? 

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