Hello people.It is the last week of November..Where did time go?? Peak wedding season in Cameroon is around the  corner..Check out Five Wedding Trends of 2017 by NJ’s Events.

Here is part II of  Cassie & Miles‘ Traditional Wedding of Excellence.





Please put your hands together for Deco Planet…Mrs. Nganya and her team turned a yard into a cultural oddysey…She won an award for the best decorator in Cameroon earlier this year. The originality and attention to details of the decor are out of this world!

Practical…I see a bicycle, lamp, calabash, hoe! Let your hard work be visible as you journey together ?


Love conquers all. I love the toghu print high table!


How does the saying go? “A way to a mans heart is via his stomach”…very cliche but hey! Mortar and pestle, grinding stone, grater and sizable pot are the basics to prepare a sumptuous staple Camer meal


Cook ya massa fine pot of sese cocoyam and beans!



The bride was ushered by the women into ceremonial grounds…Palm wine seals the deal in traditional marriage ceremonies. The palm wine is served from the “ancestral pot/calabash”. The head of the family, Fai (or his representative) presides the ceremony. The palm wine was served from the “family pot” into a traditional cup.  He makes a speech and asks the bride to drink a bit and hand over the rest to the man who will become her husband!

The ladies ushering the bride into the ceremonial grounds!


Pour the palm wine ?


May  the spirits of your ancestors bless your marriage ?


OK now I need to find my husband. Where is he?


Here comes the bride!


All smiles..here comes my bride!


I found you…Let’s get this over with!


Yessss. The deal is sealed!

The traditional wedding rite is done and yes the party can begin!!

It is done..Let me dance for my husband ?


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Congratulations again to Cassie & Miles. Your traditional wedding truly had a touch of Excellence!

The countdown to Christmas is on..Enjoy the last week of November.


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