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Today’s Woman Crush is Mimi Akeh,  CEO of ACE Online TV and Host of the Spice Show based in Yaounde. Mimi has been  busy on the media scene lately… On the red carpet of events, interviewing Camer celebrities like Stanley Enow, hosting seminars like the recent Women in Entrepreneurship seminar…I Rep Camer caught up with the rising media personality!

Please tell us a bit about yourself! 

I am Mimi Akeh , Founder of Ace Online TV and Host of The Spice Show.  A show that features, Celebrities ,Top Executive Directors ,Company managers and High Profile Personalities.I am also a Co-Founder of Spice Youth International (A Non-governmental not-for-profit Organization)based in Cameroon. A graduate from the University of Yaounde 1 with a Bachelor of Arts in English Modern letters hailing from the Menchum Division (Befang) North West Region.

What is ACE Online TV all about? What is your vision?

Ace Online TV is a contemporary Online TV that seeks to celebrate the African dream, to give an opportunity to young Africans to showcase their talents in various ways .It also seeks to Inspire and motivate young people today to pursue their dreams and achieve them, through inspirational and motivational content.We project content that will inspire young people to achieve more in life. While The SpiceShow is the Show I host under Ace TV that serves as a platform where successful people like Celebrities, business moguls, top Executive directors and company managers share amazing success stories thereby inspiring and motivating our audience.

What  inspired you to start  ACE TV? Hmm… so who has been on the Spice show?

I always wanted to have a Television Network  and A show that can inspire young people to wake up and do more. To follow their dreams and achieve them and make this continent proud .I grew up not appreciating failing governments in Africa.  I always believed in Entrepreneurship ,the pursuit of ones dreams and the importance of using your talent to contribute the society .Which explains why the TV and the Show. I started out my TV show with the likes of John Dumelo (Ghanian Actor) and Larry Koldsweat(Nigerian Actor) its objective is to inspire and motivate young people of this generation to achieve their dreams. The show aired  for a while at LTM TV Douala  but when the desire to have my own TV channel grew I moved to Yaounde in 2016 where I started my Online TV and here we are!!!..Today we’ve had the likes of superstar Stanley Enow on the show, Locko too has been on the show .We also had an Italian Supermodel Annalisa Sambin on the show all the way from Italy.Just to mention a few . Check out the juicy interview with Stanley Enow below.  Watch our shows on Ace Online TV on Facebook.




What are some of the challenges you have faced and how have you overcome them? 

I haven’t seen challenges yet, rather I just see reasons to work harder. For example , I started thinking of how I could get my TV channel in front of a wider audience And boom!!! I realized it will be best for me to sponsor my shows online so it reaches a wide audience. So if reaching more people was going to be a challenge I found out a solution.


Any upcoming projects? 

Yes. We intend to build a brand an Ace Online TV brand that will become a Cable Television Network so that we  reach a wider audience and inspire more people. We also plan to do a lot of Reality shows, Talent shows air short movies,Comedy skits, Music, fashion shows, Red Carpet shows and so much more. For now check our  Ace Online TV page on Facebook  to watch all our amazing shows.


Any last words for aspiring Entrepreneurs? 

My advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is, don’t ever give up on your dreams .In this journey of Entrepreneurship there will be dark days, months and even years but do not let that drown you. Keep moving, crawl. do anything but keep going ,until that light shines at the end of the tunnel!!! You can  do it until you give up on yourself.

Contact Information

Ace Online TV –Facebook/YouTube

Phone No: +237 6 70 61 71 54 – 6 75 95 55 19

Email: mimiakeh@gmail.com

Twitter: Mimi_akeh

Instagram: Mimiakeh

Thumbs up Mimi..Looking forward to more of the Spice Show and ACE Online TV. Keep flying the 237 flag high.


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